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April 3rd, 2017

March Wind
March wind is a jolly fellow;
He likes to joke and play.
He turns umbrellas inside out
And blows men’s hats away.

He calls the pussy willows
And whispers in each ear,
“Wake up you lazy little seeds;
Don’t you know that spring is here?”

I thought it might be fun to write a story using bits & pieces of quotes about the March wind. There were too many authors who penned the quotes. So, I chose to just paraphrase them.

Did March come in like a lion and go out as a lamb? In the desert of New Mexico, the answer is YES and NO. you see, the March winds are upon us here in the desert. The temperature is a gorgeous 88 degrees. But, the wind gusts range from 45 MPH and up to around 55-65 MPH.
What makes the March winds blow? Botanists say that trees need the powerful winds to flex their trunks and main branches. There is a wonderful mythical law of nature.

In the Spring, the green leaves sprout from the buds. The Spring wind draws the sap up to nourish the budding leaves. And we enjoy watching them as they flutter and shake about.

When one has faith that the spring thaw will arrive, the winter winds seem to lose some of their punch.

And the rough winds do shake the darling buds of May. The Daffodils, Lilies and an array of other flowers are in bloom. The sun shines bright with a warmth that rises with a glorious hallelujah.

The wind is differences in atmospheric pressure. If it weren’t for this rising and sinking motion in the atmosphere, we would have no wind. But we’d not have something we call weather.

Make the most of today. Our passions are the winds that propel us. Nothing will stop the truth from marching on. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into the trees.

Poems are one of the best ways to connect oneself with the imaginative world. We all know that May comes after April. And April is a month of a wild ride of alternating snow and sun. We all know that the flowers start to bloom in May, except for a few warm states where they show off every day of the year.

They say April showers bring May flowers to tell you that it’s okay when it rains. A daffodil clings amongst the downpour. April says she’s tired of it being cold. And the showers stirred up the soil. May thought that was pretty nice.

On that rainy April day. Would all the flowers turn to showers in the sunny month of May?
Life is a splendid thing, for sure. Wasn’t God so nice to make the cloudy skies? He planted all the flowers. I want to thank God for His daily blessings. And for the softest of April showers too. If it wasn’t for the gentle April showers, there wouldn’t be the loveliest of May flowers.
So, my advice is, always look on the sunny side of things. And give thanks for a fresh new Spring.

5-7-5 poem
by K. Lorraine… February 15, 2016
The morning breeze sings
On the ribbons of spring air
Her love melody, gentle

Until next time… Happy reading, K. Lorraine

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March 1st, 2017

BLOG Wednesday, March 1, 2017                                                                
A new book to read…

Book #2 is now available in the Reading Room. Read the full story now!

‘Dark Secret’, is the first story taken from the Mia Perez Me-Time stories.

This book contains adult language and sex scenes.

Genre: Adult fiction, romance, medical, inspirational, family life

My name is Mia Perez and this is my story.

Dr. Robert Chase was at the top of his game as a world class neurosurgeon. And then, a beautiful Brazilian Beauty Pageant winner enters his operating theater.

Regardless that there is a vast age difference, Dr. Chase is bewitched by his lovely patient. And she becomes intimate with her older doctor.

“I don’t care which one of us is the biological father to this baby”, the doctor said. “All I know is that I love you and I will love this child as my own”.

Read how Mia Perez learned to face adversity and challenges with determination and humor.

Next week’s blog will be more about the Mia Perez series of stories FREE in the Reading Room.

Coming soon to the Reading Room… the next story in the life of Mia Perez.

‘He Took my Child’.

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The K.Lorraine Reading Room announces Book #2—-Dark Secret

February 20th, 2017

The K. Lorraine Reading Room announces book #2 – Dark Secret

The Reading Room book #2, will hit the shelf during the first week of March. Thus far, the K. Lorraine website has had 8,951 visits. This is quite an accomplishment.

Those who have stopped by to say hello, have found many interesting areas to read. Today, I’ve chosen to write about the Reading Room, since it is the newest part of the webpage.

The Mia Perez Series is blazing a trail across the globe. The stand alone books are HOT… so, why am I giving the books away one-by-one, you might ask?

The answer is simple. It’s getting more people to read them. It’s called a ‘marketing strategy’. I plan to get you hooked on the Mia Perez stand alone stories.

Once you start reading the first book, ‘Dark Secret’, in the Reading Room, you will want to come back and read the next book in the series.

In the original Mia Perez series, 2014, Unethical Doctor is the title of book one. But, because the series is still available for purchase, I needed to change the name and book cover. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to give it away FREE in The Reading Room.

Warning… Rated R. Adult content, Language


Reviews written about Unethical Doctor… This was such an intriguing story and romantically awesome!! I have to imagine that a doctor and patient relationships isn’t uncommon. I had many melancholy for Mia being traumatized by such a fatal accident resulting in permanent spinal paralysis and due to her affliction, it was still quite a devastating circumstance to accept. I could understand her feelings of how unfair life can be sometimes, the fear as well as the enmity of once having useful working limbs to suddenly being impaired. It’s a blessing she survived such a tragic incident and due to her extensive career as well as for the affectionate attraction of her doctor all was not lost, in fact, I think she gained something very beautiful… Love! I truly enjoyed your story, it kept glued to the very end! Comment written 12-Sep-2014

A well written story that has a good flow, making it a very enjoyable read. The descriptions were also well written and gave a real feel for the crash scene and the hospital. Just enough to imagine without being too much. I also liked the dialogue, which seemed very natural. Comment Written 31-Aug-2014
This is very well written, mystery writer, you did an excellent job writing this story about the patient and doctor who fell for each other, during her recovery. I enjoyed reading it.
Comment Written 31-Aug-2014

My strategy is that you’ll like everything about book ONE, ‘Dark Secret’, that you won’t want to wait month-after-month to read the entire five books.

Mia Perez was lucky to be alive after making it through a near fatal accident. She was placed in an induced coma by the Chief of Neurosurgery, Dr. Robert Chase.

When Mia awoke from her coma, the first person she saw was a very attractive man. But she was unaware it was the doctor who saved her life. Dr. Chase’s failing marriage opened the door to unethically begin competing for his young patient’s affections.

Dr. Chase manipulates ways of sexually arousing Mia Perez. He takes her to the depths of her subconscious where she had never gone before. Mia begins to wonder if Dr. Chase made love to her for research as a doctor, or from his heart as a man.

Dr. Jayne Anne White, psychologist, cautions the doctor that his patient is focused on her insatiable needs to please men. She has difficulty in learning how to adapt to the realities of paraplegia.

For Mia Perez to survive her post- injury depression, Dr. White realizes she would need to spend a great deal of time with her patient. But would Mia ever find the love she desired? And when does a gentle touch, turn into rape?


I’ve talked about the book ‘Overcoming’, before. Although the Original book was good, I felt that I could improve it. Since the book Overcoming first came out in 2012, I’ve found a grammar check software. The editing software has made the re-writing task easier.

I also learned that most readers didn’t want to invest a lot of time reading a novel.

So, I dismantled the original Overcoming novel into five sections. The story was rewritten and became the Mia Perez five book Series.

In the earlier book, Overcoming, Giovanna Valdez was the protagonist.
Overcoming then became a five book series, The Mia Perez Perez stories.

In the 2017 revised book, ‘BROKEN’, Crisis of Faith, I kept the protagonist’s as name, Mia Perez. I reassembled the five books and joined them together. I’ve given the book new cover art in order to give the five book series a facelift.

‘BROKEN, Crisis of Faith, is a compilation of the five Mia Perez series. So, it is once again, a full length novel. The new novel will release in March, 2017, on Amazon Kindle… in the E-book store.

I still think the original story was a good book and deserves to return to its original venue of a full length novel.

As the author, I wouldn’t dissuade you from reading the original book. But the five stand alone stories are rewritten to improve the novel.

In the revised books, the storyline hasn’t changed. The new version has a slight plot twist. All-in-all, whichever version you choose, the book is the same.


In conclusion, I hope that you will return to the Reading Room in March. Regardless, if you don’t want to read the entire five Mia Perez stories, ‘Dark Secret’, will give you insight. Life is not easy as a person with a disability.

Until next time…

Happy Reading!
K. Lorraine

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February 14th, 2017

A valentine day of love

It was a typical blustery, cold and windy February 14th Valentine Day on the Long Island Sound. The family lived three miles from the river. It was forty miles from one of the world’s largest naval bases in the world.

Mitchell was a U.S. Navy pilot fighter. He was in Kandahar, Afghanistan in the southern part of the country near Pakistan. Mitchell had lived a bottled-up, buttoned down life for too long. Mitch was gone for months at a time. Adele never knew where her husband was at, because of his special military work assignments.

His tour of duty was coming to an end and he had decided not to re-enlist. He had given his life to his country for three tours of duty. God had embraced him in his loving arms and had kept him safe. Mitchell Wallace was on his way home to be with his wife and daughter. This time, he would stay at home for good.

Mitchell’s plane landed at La Guardia airport. He gathered his gear and hailed a cab. Separated for over two years, his excitement grew that he would soon be home with his family.

He stopped along the way to buy two dozen red roses; a dozen for each of his special Valentine girls. He loved doting on them and showering them with surprises.

Mitch walked to the front door and rang the doorbell. A household servant opened it. An element of surprise lit upher face. He put a finger to his lips. “Shh’ was the sound he made.

The woman whispered, “Mr. Wallace, welcome home, my goodness welcome home! Mrs. Wallace will be so happy to see you”.

Mitchell said, “Mrs. Dobbs, I want to surprise Adele and Jacqueline. Where are my girls”?, he asked…the servant answered, “I believe, the missus is in the drawing room, sir”.

Mitch walked through the large entry hall. The exquisite drawing room of his father-in-law’s home is where he found his wife and daughter. He promised to keep his daughter and granddaughter safe while Mitch was away.

Mitch tried to speak, but his voice cracked. “Happy Valentine’s Day, special girls”.

In surprise at hearing Mitchell’s voice, Adele looked up from her magazine. Jacqueline jumped to her feet, exclaiming in delight, “Daddy, you’ve come home. I’m so happy you’re home”!

He stood frozen in time. It was a moment when the past and present collided. His emotions ran high. And his eyes welled with tears.

“Princess, these are for you”.

Mitchell tried to hug her without crushing the roses. Jacqueline took the flowers, smelled them, and said, “Daddy, they are so beautiful. I love them and I love you so much”.

“Princess, why do I see such a long, face”? Her father asked?

“Daddy, it’s Valentine’s Day and I don’t have a gift for you”.

“Princess, you are the greatest Valentine gift. I need nothing more. Besides Jacqueline, you didn’t know I was coming home”. She hugged him and ran off giggling, “I’ll be right back daddy, I do have something to give you”.

She ran off to show Mrs. Dobbs what her father brought her for Valentine Day.

Adele was quiet and waited for her wonderful husband to come to her. Mitchell walked over to Adele, took her hand and she stood up. Mitch tossed the bouquet of roses aside and pulled her into his arms.

It had been too long since he had held Adele in his arms or kissed her. Their lips met in moist, sweet splendor. Mitchell held his wife in his loving embrace.

“Your kiss is like the petals on a rose; sweet and everlasting. I fear my heart will stop beating. It seems that I’m living a dream. I fear that if I open my eyes, you will be gone. But alas my love, it is you”.

Jacqueline stood in silence, watching her mom and dad in an embrace of such love. Her father’s poetic verse was romantic and lovely. Jacqueline hoped that she would one day find a prince to love her in the way that her parents loved each other.

She interrupted their tender reunion. She danced about in anticipation. “Daddy, I have painted many canvasses since you were away, but this one is a special one. It’s my Valentine gift to you”.

Mrs. Dobbs said I should give you this painting. With pride, she handed it to him.

When Mitchell saw the artwork, his heart almost stopped beating. There was an artistic genius in Jacqueline’s painting. The picture took his breath away. He hadn’t seen it several years.

“Jacqueline, the words to describe this masterpiece escape me. I’ve never had any difficulty in expressing my feelings before. But Princess, your painting is lovelier than the Mona Lisa. Your painting is like a melody to a great Concerto.

It’s as beautiful as the finest bone china. It’s as lovely as God’s angels. I’ve not seen anything more beautiful, even hanging in the Louvre”.

Jacqueline was proud of her art. It was her heart’s desire to paint forever. Sometimes she couldn’t find anything in her mind to paint. When this happened, her mother said, “Jacqueline, reach out to your father. He might be far away, but he is wise, and he will guide you”.

Jacquee remembered what her mother said, and she reached out for his guidance.

“Daddy, the desire to paint is in my heart, but so often I can’t find anything there. Why daddy? Why am I so different”?

Mitchell could feel her confusion. And he seemed lost at how to answer her question of dismay.

“Princess, you have a special gift. I’ve known this from the moment I saw the little pencil drawing. You gave it to me for my birthday. I’m not sure that you remember it because you were five years old. I can only say it is a gift from God. You are a gift from God”.

“I do remember the painting. I painted a picture of you, mommy and me”.

“That’s right, sweetheart. I think maybe it’s time for me to take some of your paintings in the city. I want to show them to experts who can help explain your amazing talent”.

Mitchell could see the anguish disappear from her face . Later that night, Mitch and Adele shared long awaited tender moments. Mitchell recited words of compassionate desire to her. Words she had waited so long to hear.

“I am hypnotized by your seductive glances that come my way. Your body is tempestuous as a violent storm upon the sea. I can find no words to describe the song my heart sings. I can only proclaim my love for you”.

Mitchell reached under his pillow and opened a red velvet box. He then placed a beautiful diamond bracelet around Adele’s wrist.

“Darling, I’ve waited a lifetime to lay here in silence beside you. I prayed to God every night to keep me safe so I could come home to you. Will you be my Valentine for life and into eternity”?

“Yes, my darling husband, I will love you throughout life and into many tomorrows. I too prayed every night that God would keep you safe while in the perils of war. My arms ached to hold your warm body next to mine”.

Although this story is fiction, one can only imagine how true it could be.

Happy Valentine Day and may love fill your heart with happiness.
Happiness is LOVE…
K. Lorraine

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November 3rd, 2016

th_mickeyminniemousethankyouEd and I wanted to thank everyone who came together yesterday and made his 80th birthday special. It’s nice to know we have so many friends. Many of you from Sanford, Michigan did this out of your friendship for me. And it was nice to hear from our Florida friends. I hadn’t prepared a blog for this week because I needed a break. During Halloween week, I put together eight scary story blogs and I needed a breather.

I wrote this Fanstory story a year ago, and thought it might make a nice follow-up birthday blog.


I remember the day when I got a response from the newspaper personal column. I admit that I was skeptical about putting myself ‘out there,’ so to speak. I had gone through a rough divorce and it was an uncertain time in my life. August, 5 1991, was the date of the letter.

Dear Miss #3951

“Hi, my name is Ed and I read your singles only ad… thought I would reply.”

“In your ad you mentioned you had answered 12 ads with four telephone conversations. It sounds like maybe eight men may have made an error in judgement, not to snatch you up.”

“I’m serious about finding someone who I can share my life with. I’m a 54 year old man with average looks and I’m a non smoker. I’m divorced over seven years now. I’m an employed appliance service technician for a large company in Saginaw.”

“I like to dance, travel, and restore old cars. I like trying new things and I am looking for a special woman to meet. If you would like to talk, please call me at 000-000-0000 after six P.M. If I’m not home, please leave a message, your name and phone number on my answering machine and I’ll call you back.”

I hope to hear from you soon, Ed.

I read the letter several times and I thought about calling. I was hesitant because I had kissed a dozen frogs and so far, none had turned into a prince. But, after talking it over with a girlfriend, I thought, okay, I’d give it another try. This time, he might just be your prince charming.

I finally found the courage and looked past my insecurities. The phone rang several times and a woman answered. I wasn’t sure whether to hang up or leave my name and number. So I swallowed hard and left my message, just as a precaution that the woman was a daughter or the housekeeper.

“Hello, my name is Kay and I am returning a call from Ed. He will know who I am and what this is about. Will you please write my phone number down, it is 111-111-1111. Thank you, I appreciate it.”

She’ didn’t give me anything to go on. It was evident in her tone of voice, that I was a ‘female’ of interest to Ed. I waited several weeks for Ed to return my call. I admit, the phone call surprised me. I thought it was a lost cause.

I answered, “Hello, this is Kay.”

The man’s panicked voice said, “This is Ed. Please don’t hang up. I’m sorry that it has taken me so long to return your phone call. If you will listen, I do have an honest reason for the woman who answered my phone and the delay in getting back to you.”

“Okay,” I said, “But it better be good.”

“Kay, first let me explain about the woman. She was my former girlfriend who had stopped over to pick up some of her stuff that she left behind.”

My heart was pounding when I said, “Ed, it’s not okay if I’m wasting my time on a gigolo. It appears that this former woman has been a live in and maybe, she’s not on her way out. I think that perhaps, I should make my exit.”

“Please Kay, no, it’s not like that. I haven’t seen her in months. She just happened to choose the day that you called to pick up some things left behind when she moved out. I’m sorry that she answered instead of letting the machine pick up.”

“Okay, Ed, let’s say that I somewhat believe you. Tell me, why did you wait so long to call me? My girlfriend said that I should give you a chance before casting you aside. I might be wrong with my assumption, but I don’t think it’s funny to be trolling for a new partner.”

“Kay, I understand why you don’t trust me. I wouldn’t trust me either. But my old girlfriend didn’t write your phone number down correctly. I knew that I couldn’t find you in the phone book, because I didn’t have a name. I called the newspaper, but they weren’t cooperative. I finally convinced them that you called me and left your number, but the number I had wasn’t correct. When I mentioned that my former girlfriend had sabotaged me, the woman in the newspaper office became sympathetic. I swear, Kay, this is the truth.”

Ed called me several times over the course of about two weeks before I agreed to meet him. I chose an expensive restaurant. And the humorous tales of trial and error have continued since that night. We became engaged six months later and married almost on the date in August when we first met. I kept the letter all these years. It’s one of my most cherished mementos. We have been happily married for twenty-five years.

The following is the first of many poems that I wrote to Ed…

Secret Hideaway

I have a secret hideaway,
It’s tucked far away from view…
My inner self is happiest there,
And it can be reached only by you.

Happy day after birthday, Ed, and may God grant you many more.
Love, Kay

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GIVE ONE–TAKE ONE–A Blog about two Public Libraries

October 17th, 2016

Give one, Take one
Blog about two Public Libraries


 Sanford, Michigan Little Free Library

Two thousand miles separate them, but the vision of spreading the joy and power of sharing books is the same. Author K. Lorraine supports both libraries by sharing her books. A list of books that are on the library shelves in Sanford, Michigan and Roswell, New Mexico, follows.

About the author:

K. Lorraine is a recognized author who has written 112 ‘five star’ short stories. To date; she has received seven ‘First Place’ wins. She has also achieved many ‘Recognized wins,’ for her work.

A young Kathleen wrote her first book titled ‘Pockets’ for her daughter, Rebecca. It was a birthday gift when she started her first year in school, the book never saw the light of day. But, some of Ms. Lorraine’s later works did. The upcoming author writes her stories under the Pen Name of K. Lorraine.

Ms. Lorraine resurrected her interest in writing after a thirty year absence. But, she kept her skill of writing fine-tuned when a local newspaper offered her a staff writer job.

Ms. Lorraine divides her time between writing different types of adult human drama. Her favorite genres are romance and murder/mystery. She also has to her credit, a series of children’s stories.

Ms. Lorraine and her husband Ed, of twenty-five years, live in Roswell, New Mexico. They have five children from previous marriages. They are also blessed with six grandchildren.

library3K. Lorraine is humbled and honored to announce that the Roswell, New Mexico library has accepted the following books.

The author’s most recent book is a novel;
“The Playboy Prince”

The novel is Part mystery, Part romance…

“You are an amazing author and so very gifted indeed. You are awesome.” Comment Written 04-May-2016 by foxangie123

DP replied “The ending did surprise me.” Written 06-May-2016

The idea for ‘The Playboy Prince,’ came to mind in 2006. Over the years, the storyline continued to grow. I allowed the intrigue in the life of Hale Lake Kahuka-Dano, to flourish.

The first half of the book focuses on Hale Kahuka’s childhood.

The second half is about the rogue Interpol undercover cop. His obsession was to find the man who murdered his Grandfather, Judge Dano. Hale Dano’s obsession becomes his life’s mission.

The Playboy Prince is brimming with emotion from the beginning to the end. Hale Lake Kahuka–Dano is the 6th generation grandson of King Kahmehameha. Hale Dano invites you to follow his story as he goes from being a youngster, to becoming a mature man.

Poetry in Motion

Ms. Lorraine said, “I had NO CLUE that ‘Poetry in Motion’ was going to be as popular as it has become. I didn’t even have it in my head that this would be my first book to go so far. In two days, the book has gotten another 192 LIKES and 10 more comments and reviews. Since publishing, the book has received 5,000 Facebook LIKES, views and comments.”

The book, ‘Poetry in Motion’ is a collaboration of 52 contemporary poems. The poems are fiction and are creations of the author’s imagination. Some of the entries date back twenty plus years. She invites you to come into the magical world of imagination. Many of the pieces are award winning poems.

Seychelles Survivor

It was orientation week at the University of Iowa. Five freshmen students from different parts of the country sit together in a college lecture theater. The group is unaware they share a common interest.

The five college friends set out on a tropical paradise vacation over a long 4th of July adventure. Two days later, the parents get the word that the private jet is missing.

Surviving a plane crash can be a terrifying thing. The tension mounts as the story draws to a close on a beautiful tropical island in the Indian Ocean. The setting is compelling and the dialogue is real.

‘Seychelles Survivor’, is about a family separated by a plane crash. The families band together to find their children.

The book ‘Seychelles Survivor’ has had more than 40 reviews. The author has selected a few for your reading pleasure. “The background kindles the reader’s curiosity. I love your emotional appeal. It’s indeed your specialty– one such as I want. Thanks for creating such an emotionally mature character as Lei Lani. Thanks for sharing with us. God bless.”  Comment Written 11-Dec-2014

“I thought this piece was very well written and thought out. The emotional impact of the wedding and the epilogues pregnancy was very deep and profound; the love between the husband and wife clearly shown and made plain in the simple and elegant wedding they had. I liked the way God was invoked at the time of the ceremony, the prayers seemed genuine and realistic. That was the thing about this piece I really liked, the realism of it and easy readability. Five stars!”  Comment Written 10-Dec-2014

“Selfishness can only come to harm in the long run. This is very well written with a smooth flow of words, making for a very strong read.”  Comment Written 20-Nov-2014.

Beyond the Twilight Zone

‘Beyond the Twilight Zone’ is a series of unrelated stories. The book contains drama, psychological thriller, fantasy,science fiction, suspense, and/or horror. The stories often conclude with a macabre or unexpected twist.

The book is a compilation of short stories that will take you back in time to the original Twilight Zone series. Ordinary people find themselves in situations that they try to solve.

Ms Lorraine thought you might like to read a few reviews.

Fan Reviews…

The Pirate Story – 76 views – 6 stars

“Boy, that was a trip! You took the story thread down many pathways. I enjoyed just following along, wondering where and how you were going to tie it all up. It was fun. You write with great confidence and authority. I like the way your mind works, delivering us a bit of everything. Some pretty explicit sex scenes, lots of angst and pathos, a bit of melodrama. A terrific mix, all in all.”

Space Mishap – 23 Fan Views

“An eccentric oddity and a kook cause a delay in getting home. The dialogue is clear and shows what the characters are like. The narrative shows the action, such as hitting the wrong panel, stepping in the cow poop. The emotion felt was a warm feeling with a big smile.”

We Came Upon a Ghost Child – 62 Fan Views – 6 stars

“An awesome and creative story, although sad. Well written. “Daddy, it’s only terrible when the truth doesn’t come out.”

“Kitty, is this your daddy’s car?”

The Dark Side of Being Different – 58 Fan Views

“I’m not one for sci-fi, but you did a miraculous job of capturing my attention the whole story through. You described the aliens in great detail. You moved the story along as an accomplished writer would. It’s obvious that you invest time and thought in your writing. Your story was well edited and polished.”

Lethal Injection-50 fan views

“Chilling, frightening story. You made it even more so because something like this could actually happen. I’d tend to agree with Detective Stabler. His assessment that a user would not choose their mouth as an injection site for the heroine. It looks like this Wall Street exec bit off a bit more than he could chew with his selection of hired hookers.”

Through a Mother’s Eyes-50 fan views—

“You deliver a short but powerful piece. The last words linger long after I finished reading the story.”

Haunted Manor – Voodoo Murder

He sat back in his swivel chair and lit an electronic cigarette. He watched her step out of the 1964 Rangoon Red Thunderbird convertible. She was wearing four inch sling-back heels with legs that went up to her neck. He exhaled a continuous chain of smoke rings. She was stunning in a close-fitting black wiggle dress. Her blood red lips made his testosterone level rise.

Burton Middleton had a lucrative and successful writing career. But his passion for the written word as a noted Historian ended after his beloved wife died from lung cancer. Leaving his Yankee roots behind him, he moved to the ‘Big Easy.’

Black letters spelled out Middleton Private Investigations on the glass door. The office door opened, and the ‘Bombshell’ walked in. He was completely unaware of how his life was about to change.

“Haunted Manor: Voodoo Murder, is a steamy, sexy, bone-chilling thriller. The book is steeped in southern superstition and tradition. The author combines a Mashup of Voodoo with a beautiful antebellum manor that ends in MURDER.

‘Mashup’ is a new genre concept in literary writing, and it is fast becoming popular. In ‘Mashup’, the story is when you take two or more different genres and mix them together. This technique is masterful in bringing about a new and fresh storyline.

The author mashed a ‘Civil War’ College Professor, along with a haunted manor. She came up with a story line that ends in Murder.

Writer’s Digest suggests that K. Lorraine has been using ‘Mashup’ technique for years.”

Comment – April 22, 2014

“I call this a ‘Genealogy murder’ story. A Civil War plantation owner’s mistress passes down the twisted gene of voodoo superstition. Trust me, there is a lot of ‘mystery’ in this book.”

Mia Perez Series

Comment – May 10, 2014

The Mia Perez Series is a collection of five stand alone stories. Whether read one after another, or separately, they become a compelling story of Mia’s life.

Book One – ‘Unethical Doctor’, Mia Perez was lucky to be alive. She was the only survivor of the fatal accident. Induced into a coma by the Chief of Neurosurgery, Dr. Aidan Chase, was a merciful way to help the long healing process.

When Mia awoke from her coma, the first person she saw was an attractive man. But she was unaware it was the doctor who had saved her life. The doctor opens the door to an unethical desire to win over his patient’s affections.

In Book Two, ‘Unfit Mother’, Mia Perez is young. She is naive. Her parents reared her in the strict native traditions of Brazil throughout her entire life. She came to America in hopes of finding a rich American man. But, she finds a world full of freedom and choices instead.

Uninformed about sex, she learns that even a woman with a disability can get pregnant. Mia is desperate when she learns the results of a drugstore pregnancy test. She slept with two men. She feels the pressure to get one of them to marry her.

Book Three, ‘Shhh’ is a short story of 18,000 words. The long awaited reunion of the Callan brothers is nearing. Mia has had an imaginary love interest with an American movie star, Tobias Callan, for a long time.

She uses her sexy curves to toy with the brothers. And she knows exactly how to please them all night long. But will Mia’s passionate encounter with Tobias set off a series of events?

Will a one-night stand, turn into a risky scheme of manipulation? Will the sex tape destroy the brothers in a whirlwind of emotions over the love of one woman?

Book Four, ‘Locked Away’, Mia Perez sends the Callan brothers away after a bad break-up on her wedding day. She banishes the two men from her life that she’s loved.

‘Locked Away’ is a second chance story. The suspense grows when the tapes come out about Mia’s sordid past. The story is about the entanglements of love. Will Mia finally get her fairy tale marriage with one of the Callan brothers? Or will tragedy strike?

In the fifth book titled ‘Beyond a Kiss’, Mia Perez becomes obsessed with solving a two decade old murder.

In the series, five men have loved her: her father, Juan Perez, a wealthy Brazilian coffee plantation mogul; Aidan Chase, the handsome young doctor who saved her life; Nicholas Starks, her water therapy coach whose unconditional love saved Mia from self destruction; and there were the Callan brothers, who Mia toyed with.

It was her plan to manipulate the brothers and get the man she loved to marry her. Nicholas Starks, was not husband material, but he always came to her rescue.

After two decades, the reading audience will learn the killer’s identity. Will this discovery affect Mia’s future plans for happiness? ‘Beyond a Kiss’ is a page turner murder mystery with an unexpected ending.

The Me Time E-Books provide you with a quick escape into a world of passion. And even an occasional happy ending.

“My name is Mia Perez and this is my story about the love I have for the men in my life.”


The Misadventure of Walter and Katy Shuster series-Book One
The Adventure of the Traveling Green Ants

Something on the dashboard caught her attention. She amused herself as she chased them about as they scattered.
“What,” she spouted off, “Damn, they are multiplying faster than I can squash them!”

Katy was on a mission of her own as she began to sing off-tune. “And Another ant bites the dust; another ant bites the dust.”

Walter and Katy Shuster were about to begin their annual trek from SW Florida to New Mexico. But, the ‘comedy of errors’ began sooner than later.


“Find out how Katy Shuster, became known as the Notorious killer of the Alien Green Ants.”

“Great book on adventures in Florida after retiring–a great read, and funny! Don’t miss this one!” comment – January 20, 2016

“A light-hearted piece, easy to follow…”
Margaret— Comment Written 09-Mar-2015

“That was cute how you had the wife say, “Aren’t you forgetting something?” The amusing part is when he goes to the rear of the car and takes a look. This wet my whistle.”
Comment Written 07-Mar-2015

“It was a fun book to read. Since I’m a “junk dealer” (antiques) I liked that part.”  Teresa
Comment Written 07-Mar-2015

Undercover Rookie

Eddie Cannon Jr. is nearing the completion of his police academy training. He decides to follow in the footsteps of his father, who was formerly head of Homeland Security. Detective Ed Cannon Sr., tried to bring down a large Midwest drug trafficking ring.

Homeland Security learns that the young Cadet is the son of the fallen decorated officer. They give Eddie Cannon Jr. his dream job of going undercover. Eddie Jr. assumes the identity of an out of work high school drop-out. His instructions were to take a job in the Nebraska Fun Center and Roller Skating Rink.

Cannon must resort to his academy training. In the end, it was Eddie Cannon Jr. who stood motionless over a female’s dead body holding the smoking gun. He tried to feel something for her, but he couldn’t shed a single tear. He hides his emotions, studies the situation, but does he solve the case in the nick of time?

Undercover Rookie is an action-packed thriller, full of suspense, sex and betrayal. The story’s ending will shock and surprise you.

The Christmas Dream – children’s picture book library1Snuggles Bedtime Stories-Book One (Volume 1)

The Christmas Dream is about a young boy and a dream filled with wonderment. Ricky finds himself walking in the newly trodden footsteps of a mother deer and her fawn. Among the snow covered trees, there is a small cottage. A billowing white cloud of smoke dances around the chimney. Could this be Santa’s house?

Children’s Easter Story Book 2016 – Children’s picture book
Snuggles Bedtime Stories (Volume 2).

The book includes two stories-
Robbie the Purple Easter Rabbit
And… Easter in the Barnyard

As a bonus, the book includes the author’s favorite prize winning poem-
A Candy Colored Easter

Thank you for taking the time to look at some of the books that I’ve written and published over the years.

Thank you for allowing me to share the news that the above listed books were reviewed by the Roswell, NM Library Board and accepted as new books to the Roswell community. The same selection of books are in the mail to the Sanford, Michigan ‘Little Free Library.’ It is an honor to be selected as an upcoming published author.

Happy Reading, K. Lorraine

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CONTEST! Sponsored by the K. Lorraine Website Come one–Come all!

September 26th, 2016

              K. Lorraine SITE sponsored contest.               Come One—Come All!!!!!


                          th-7   smiley-megaphone
Come one—come all…

The contest, Fun stuff I blog about, runs from Tuesday, September 27 – October 11, 2016. The winners will be announced before the end of the month. Read on for the official contest rules and the list of prizes. Don’t delay… the contest will end on October 11, 2016.

You don’t need to be a professional writer to enter the Fun stuff I blog about contest. All that is required is that you like to read. If you can read, you can write.

Being real is the name of the game. I am looking for authentic people to write a blog entry. I want to see humanity and vulnerability in your writing. This is what connects you to your audience. I am this kind of writer and this is the type of person who would write the kind of piece that would fit into my column.

Since you are already on my website, it would probably be helpful to read some of the blogs that I have written. They will give you an overview of the variety of topics I’ve written about.

The rules are simple.

· You must be 18 years or older to submit an entry.

· Your written entry should be at least 500 words and no more than 1,200 words.

· The subject idea is open-ended. Write about anything—fiction or non-fiction.

· Keep it clean, and pleaseno religion, politics or current affairs.

· Remember, you do not need to be a professional writer. In fact, I encourage the amateur to write a blog and submit it. I want to know what you believe and how you really feel about things.

· One entry per person.

Enthusiasm is the key word, and the idea is to entertain, so make your piece enjoyable to read and inform your audience about something you have found that is fun.

You can learn more about me as an author and review a listing of my published books by exploring my webpage. There is a wealth of information available to help you understand me as a person and as a writer. I encourage you to browse and explore the website by clicking on the tabs.

A panel of three judges has been assembled to insure that all entries will be read and evaluated independently.

Two of the submissions will be chosen as a FIRST place and SECOND place winner. All prizes will be awarded.

The FIRST PRIZE award is—a choice to select one of the following books

· The adult coloring book, Fun in the Florida Sun. The coloring book blends in well the latest trend of adult coloring books. But, what make this unique above all the rest is this book features large, easy-to-color graphics starring a zany couple who live in a Florida 55 plus community. Katy and Walter Shuster live in a topsy-turvy world based on the everyday life of a retired couple.

· The Playboy Prince–The (novel) is Part mystery, Part romance. The first half of the book is dedicated to Hale Kahuka’s childhood. The second part is about the rogue Interpol undercover cop, and his obsession to find the man who murdered his Grandfather, Judge Dano.

· Poetry in Motion is a collaboration of 52 contemporary poems that are creations of the author’s imagination; some dating back twenty plus years. The author invites you to come into the magical world of imagination.

· Spog Tames a Bully. On his native planet of Apple, Spog was taught that the best way to reform an unsavory character is to make them your friend. The steps for this change is revealed in a plan written by Apple’s leading peacekeeper, Professor, Al Right. Spog and his friend gather the students together to prepare a plan based on the Professor’s theory, so the children of Roswell Elementary School could welcome the new kid named Spike, into their playground clan

The author will personally autograph the book and mail it directly to the winner.

In addition—the winner will be awarded a guest spot in the K. Lorraine website, blog.

The winning entry will also be featured in the 2017 book, How to Blog Your Way to Write a Book.

The second place prize—is the choice to select one of the following books.

· The Misadventures of Walter and Katy Shuster–Book One

(The Adventure of the Traveling Green Ants.) The genre is Satire/humor and is written primarily for the retired age audience. The story is a comedy of errors that the senior reader would appreciate associated with travel and irrational thinking which often accompanies an aging adventure. Something on the dashboard caught her attention. She amused herself as she chased them about as they quickly scattered. “What,” she spouted off, “Damn, they are multiplying faster than I can squash them!” Katy was on a mission of her own as she began to sing off-tune. “And Another ant bites the dust; another ant bites the dust.”

· The Christmas Dream–a children’s story, is about a young boy and a dream filled with wonderment. Ricky finds himself walking in the newly trodden footsteps of a mother deer and her fawn. Up ahead among the snow covered trees, there is a small cottage with a billowing white cloud of smoke dancing around the chimney. Could this be Santa’s house?

The author will personally autograph the book and mail it directly to the winner.

In addition—the second place winner will be awarded a guest spot in the K. Lorraine website blog. The winning entry will also be featured in the 2017 book, How to Blog Your Way to Write a Book.

My blogs are available to read on my website at or

Thank you for entering the Fun Stuff I Blog About contest and facilitating in the promotion of K. Lorraine and my books. Have fun as you write your contest entry. Please do me a favor and pass this contest along to others.

Submit your entry to: and be sure to indicate at the end of your submission, the book you have selected if you are the winner. Your name, full address including zip code and email address are required.

(All entries become the property of K. Lorraine Books and non-winning entries will not be returned unless a request is submitted in writing. All entries are in compliance with the copyright rules. Compensation for the first & second prize is made through the gift awards. No other means of fee for service is or shall be awarded.)

Thank you,

Happy Reading and WRITING,

K. Lorraine

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Blog #6–UPSIDE DOWN Coffee Table Book–The Mermaid, Peisinoe

August 19th, 2016


K. Lorraine BOOKS


This publication is also available online at

Also at and Kindle Books

Copyright © 2013 by K. Lorraine Books

ISBN-13: 978-1494307837

All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced or

transmitted in any form or by any means

without written permission from the author.







K. Lorraine Blog – 6

 I was inspired to paint this piece while we lived in N. Ft. Myers, Florida. ‘Mermaid,’ is one of the twelve upside down paintings that I did while I was ill. It has become my husband’s personal favorite, and it hangs proudly in my home art gallery room.

After reading the following comment this morning from Jennifer Blanchard, I knew exactly what she was talking about. I had been working on several projects, but the timing didn’t seem right to get any of them ready for circulation.

So, to recap, that’s when I started to pull together my thoughts about the coffee table book I’ve wanted to do for many years. I knew that I couldn’t afford to publish the expansive book, so I decided in order to clear my plate… I would give the contents of my dream away FREE.

Jennifer wrote, “There’s a difference between stepping out of your comfort zone on something you know you’re meant to be doing… and forcing yourself to do something that’s not really in alignment with who you are.”

Louise Stone was my lucky charm, when I wrote the blog, “This one’s for you.” She’s brought a lot of foot traffic to my website to read the full blog. I’ve put years of blood, sweat and tears into doing everything that I wanted to include in the book UPSIDE DOWN.

I compare this book to a marriage. I promised that I would stay the course through thick and thin to finish this book and get it published. I’ve come to realize that I can’t do it all – accomplish everything I’d hope to complete before my end day. But, by freely opening my art world to all who wished to see this side of me, I have succeeded. I’ve crossed another ‘want to’ off my bucket list.

Regardless that I’m not a famous, well known author, I am good with words. I’m okay with a paint brush and I’m okay with me. I’ve enjoyed every day that has brought me closer to the realization I’ve grown into the person whom God made me to be.  If He wanted me to be a super Brainiac with untold talent, I’d be this person.

I’m satisfied with having a few books in stores and libraries. I’m satisfied to have published numerous books that pay an occasional royalty. It’s never really been about the money. The IT has always been about using my God given blessing to entertain others, and that folks, brings joy to me.

Today, I invite you to into my home art gallery to view another of the ‘original’ upside down paintings. I’m also adding a bonus short story that I think complements the painting. From my home to your computer, I hope you enjoy.

The Misty Mermaid… A contest entry that blends real-life events and mystical phenomena. The contest prompt sentence started with The last time I saw Charlie was…

Mermaids sometimes sing to people and enchant them, distracting them, causing them to walk off the deck of their ships and drown in the sea. Other stories depict them squeezing the life out of drowning men and carrying humans down to their underwater kingdoms.A mermaid is a mythological creature with a female human head and upper body and the tail of a fish.

The last time I saw Charlie was when one kiss led to another and another; each one more intense. Charlie kissed my neck and his mouth lightly touched my earlobe. His dreams were filled with the vision of me, and he could not rid me from his heart or sex starved body. And now, it seemed surreal, that he was dead.

I lovingly smiled, remembering his beautiful face. It was a strong face browned from the sun. His body was hardened and firm. His dark blonde hair was kissed by the first streaks of morning sunlight, as was his facial hair. Charlie was aging, but he was still a sexy and virile man, and there was a seductive aura around his being.

We had once been two lovers in the throes of unencumbered passion soaring free. It was a true love, but ours was a love not made of truth. I loved Charlie too much and it would have broken his heart if I had chosen to marry him. Charlie could not free his mind from the distrust of why I refused to marry him. I needed a man and Charlie was simply a drunken seafaring recluse. The imagery of me foreshadowed his thoughts and love is not true if it is not returned.

Charlie had been alone on his boat for a lengthy stretch of time. This loneliness began to create a separation of mind from body and delusions became a normal part the day. His tongue salivated for a taste of alcohol, but there was nary a drop left aboard Charlie’s boat.

Time wasn’t a luxury for him; it was merely an inconvenience to him. When he ran short of supplies, and had completely run out of booze, he would lift anchor. He would then retrace the nautical chart back to the nearest port where he spent the next few days on an endless drunk in a backwater bar.

So he substituted me with alcohol and the constant companionship of a ‘Siren’. She was a beautiful woman that lived on the large rocks far out at sea. Her name was Peisinoe, Portuguese, meaning ‘Mind Persuader’. She had the most exquisite singing voice and she sang beautiful songs with the magical power to lure men to her. She was a seductive and alluring mermaid.

Her music was whimsical twinged with sad and seductive notes that rolled off the waves caused by Charlie’s boat. The lyrics of her song said that she was a virgin who refused to court with sailing men. Peisinoe was a beautiful sea nymph who was keeping her virginity and waiting for the right sea worthy man. Charlie volunteered to hear her song, whilst tied to the ship’s mast.

Charlie’s delirium progressed to the point where he habitually saw the half-naked – part fish, part woman, as she rode on the back of a porpoise that swam close to his boat. He was aware that she was a mythical creature, but the beauty surrounding him remained unseen, until one morning he awoke to the sounds of hundreds of seagulls. Charlie had not seen any dolphin or seagulls for days and now he could hear birds everywhere. He wasn’t sure whether it was real or a delusion of the sea mist.

Though the fog disappeared; in the distance, was land. While alone at sea, Charlie felt he had partaken in something spiritual. His windswept boat eagerly sought the distant harbor. In the silence of his journey, he faced his greatest fear of life and that was being alone without a partner. And now, the air was fresh. The loneliness started to fade from his mind and heart. He began to feel a new freedom and a new hope seemed to fare in his future.

At last he was free to explore the crystal depths at the ocean’s bottom with the mermaid born of the sea. She had resonated with him and he could no longer deny the allure of the bare breasted goddess with the tempting tresses. She was the ultimate tease who was no longer sexually unattainable. She was a two-tailed beauty who parted her tail and revealed her female secret.

Peisinoe epitomized the power to move between the worlds beneath the fathoms of the deepest oceans and she was willing to show Charlie how she was a pleasure seeking playmate. Her motions were careful and precise. With a hauntingly serene expression upon her face, the music subsided and she was completely nude. Her eyes darkened and Charlie saw the foaming green sea in them. She held him spellbound, his chest heaved with exhilarated breaths and then it was over. Peisinoe’s beautiful voice lured Charlie to step from the deck of his boat and fall to his watery death.

Charlie had lived a life among the land-dwellers, but now there was something he had never seen before. He had deceived himself about the fantasy of the underwater world. Leaving with the Misty Mermaid took him far beyond anything he could have imagined, but he now knew that he had done the right thing.

Thank you for stopping by today. Until next time,

Happy Reading, K. Lorraine

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Poetry in Motion–Selected poems for you today!

July 8th, 2016


This book is dedicated to everyone who loves to escape into a forgotten world of poetry…

I invite you to come into the magical world of imagination as you are introduced to a collection of contemporary poems that I have written over twenty plus years. Many of the pieces are award winning poems. I hope you enjoy…

Sincerely, K. Lorraine

abstract sails




white nymph


 Unspoken Kiss

Rhyming contest, kiss poem


You came to me in a dream

Chocolate cake; vanilla ice cream

Love from out of the past

A life that did not last.


You brightened the dark sky

A rainbow smile sweet and shy.

I began to sing a song in time

Unfortunately the lyrics did not rhyme


A whispered kiss of passion

Filled the emptiness of attraction

The gentle touch of your wings

Waiting for our heavenly King.


The sun sets beneath the horizon

A full moon ‘risin’

A walk in the warm beach sand

Two lovers holding hands.


I listened carefully for more whispers in the night

I listened for the serenade of hold on tight

And then out of the darkness you came

Dress of white draped on a slender frame.


Follow me to the edge

Of gray stones and rocky ledge

Where we will make a pledge.


Look beyond and open your eyes

Heaven help who denies.

I will not disappear when you awaken

So I ask do not hasten


Like drops of rain falling from my spirit

Lyrics filled with grace and merit

Watch for the sunrise of a mystery that no one knows

Where perpetual love grows.


I promise there will be a tomorrow

Parting was such sweet sorrow.

Promises weren’t meant to be broken

With a kiss unspoken.




Kiss of Lily Pond


The fields boast of wildflowers

A kiss for a virgin nymph…

Deflowered yet to be

Of hope she cannot devour


Lily, with trembling petals and rapturous bliss

Pond amiss the sweet abyss, where the tadpoles spawn.

The kiss of Lily Pond where the nymph was deflowered


Paws Happy Dance

Freestyle Happiness poem contest


It was a gloomy, rainy day, and Paw was sad.

Maw heard him talking, and she called out and said,

“Paw what was the loud boom that came from the front room?”happydancePaw replied, “I’m teaching myself to dance using a broom.”


Maw liked to have fun, so she put down her knitting and began to hum.

She went to the closet and grabbed a mop,

And said, “Paw, the beat of the music rocks.”

Paw said, “The steps to my dance are easy as one, two, three

So pay attention and follow me.”


“First, you need to take your mop,

And dance around the room until the music stops.”

“Next, drop your mop to the floor,

And roll your bottom like a revolving door.”

Maw smiled at Paw and thought with delight.

All it took was a ratty old mop,

To make the day turn from gloomy to bright.


Shaking your booty to the Happy Dance,

Brought Paw quickly out his lonely trance.

The effects of the dance turned into play,

And Maw learned that to dance with Paw

Could chase the rainy day blues away.

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July 6th, 2016

book on a hookAre you ready to ‘hook’ a good summer read? Well then, go to the K. Lorraine website at and order my NEWEST release… ‘The Playboy Prince.’ Be sure to take advantage of the summer discount on this exciting novel filled with emotion, mystery, romance and a murder to be solved.

While you are there on my website, http://klorraine take advantage of reading my FREE weblog and wander through the library of some other K. Lorraine books available for your reading pleasure.

Thank you for stopping by today and as I always say, “Happy Reading.”

K. Lorraine                                                                                                      king-kamehameha-statue-in-wailoa-park-hilo-hawaii-photo-by-donnie-macgowan1 (2)Kay Head Shot 3-2016

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