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March 19th, 2017

The Dark Side of Being Different
(Beauty & the Beast)

Posted on Fanstory January 20, 2015

The story received 65 views

Copyright © 2015 by K. Lorraine Books

Graphic, courtesy of Bing Public Domain

I thought I’d change up this week’s blog up a bit.

The new movie Beauty and the Beast debuted in the theaters this weekend. “Despite her fears, Belle befriends the castle’s enchanted staff. And she learns to look beyond the Beast’s hideous exterior. She realizes the kind heart and soul of the true Prince within.”

This prompted me to delve into my archives. I remembered a short story that I had written. I found it. I thought you might enjoy my version of a take on Beauty of the Beast from 2015, Alien style.

Darkness protects us from seeing the things we would not rather see. She was gone and he needed to run or face a life of interment in the underground penal camps. They had taunted him mercilessly… He had no time to weep over his deceased mother’s body.

Oden, and his fellow aliens of Planet, Eco, were a race of giants. They weren’t particularly loathsome or terrible. They were gentle and didn’t commit atrocities, or torture innocent creatures. They didn’t try to lay claim over them in victory. They were noble, charming and indifferent. They had beautiful feral brown eyes and unruly brown hair.

Oden’s mother was an alien endowed with a mid section of enormous proportion. Her inherent absent-mindedness gave her a misfit quality. She was always in a hurry. Her large feet forced her clumsiness.

Azalia, Oden’s mother, fell hopelessly in love with Sprat. Sprat, unlike his wife, was a handsome Alien specimen. He was blessed with windswept chestnut hair that arched across his hairy forehead. His high cheekbones showed off his otherwise handsome face. His tall, slim build was deceptive. And the alien colony referred to the couple as unusual.

After their marriage, Azalia soon became pregnant. She gave birth to a defective one-eyed Alien boy. And his parents named him Oden. The alien colony ostracized the couple. Azalia had given birth to a displeasing child. He was hideous to look at.

In spite of the criticism, Sprat loved his wife and son. He did everything in his power to protect them from the harsh alien community where they lived.

As a child, Oden was violent. He used his uncontrollable nature against his peers. Azalia worked hard to teach Oden methods to help calm and control his behavior.

She read about how the Earth developed a means to tame children with behavioral problems. She believed in her love. She would find a way to protect him at all cost. She sought an appropriate environment to conquer the evil that possessed her child. She wanted to help Oden achieve inner peace.

Azalia was sure their problems would end if they moved to the Planet Earth. She said to Sprat, “My husband, our son is becoming excessively troubled. And this is causing him to lose more control. If we don’t act soon, we might lose him forever in the behavioral correction camps of the Aliens.”

Sprat answered, “Azalia, I know your desperation well. I want our son to be normal. And I sympathize with you. I understand it is your desire to make this happen, regardless of the costs. Wife, if it will help Oden, then we must move.”

He was different from his peers on Planet Eco. They had heard of the Earth’s catacombs beneath New York City.

The Planet Eco was a safe, clean and brilliant environment. The Planet’s World Leader created the embodiment of positive progressive growth. So, his parents saw fit to arrange for his transport from his home planet. And, Oden and his parents moved anyway. But, once settled on Earth, he knew he had to flee from there too, or he would perish.

They had moved to a place where the air was sour, the citizens were hungry and the water was putrid. Its citizens lived in surroundings covered in dust and filth.

Oden didn’t understand the meaning of a vision his mother had. She described a vision she had on the day of her death. She spoke of angels. She talked about the sounds of ethereal music with its beauty. She talked of vivid colors; a place filled with everlasting peace.

Oden knew the reason for his mother’s death. She had inhaled Earth’s stagnated air. It saddened him that he was now alone without his mother. Sprat couldn’t accept Azalia’s dying. He knew it was for the best to leave his son on Earth.

Sprat returned alone to his home Planet of Eco to mourn the death of his wife, Azalia.

Looking into the future seemed fruitless for Oden. He failed to see how this new World called Earth, would help him. He only saw that his life would end in death, caused by prolific diseases of microscopic bacteria. These tiny micro-orgasms lived in the wastewater of Planet Earth. He reasoned that humans had become immune to the abundant toxicity existing around them.

The earthlings told Oden, that his deformity was a punishment. The punishment was because of his parent’s prior acts. The humans called Oden a Cyclops, and they feared him because he was different.

This crushed Oden’s heart. Love was the reason behind his birth. He now realized that the beauty of love would never belong to him. The humans banished him to live his life in the sewers under New York City.

For the first time in his meager existence, Oden was cognizant of his deformity. It was a disgrace that he could no longer ignore. His wrath, hatred, despair, and anger brought forth a thousand lightning flashes. A horrid light radiated from his eye.

He used the power bestowed by his departed mother. It was a gift of her love. She left him with the power to remove the disease and pestilence from the Earth’s air and oceans. The release of the epic energy calmed his violence and his broken heart began to mend. In an instant, he absolved humanity of their stupidity. He forgave them for decimating the rain forests and depleting the world’s natural resources.

With this forgiveness, Oden was no longer a pathetic and lonely Cyclops. He forgave them for the chaos and the annihilation of the world’s oxygen.

But, in doing so, he no longer had any power. He lost the ability to free himself from the anguish of a heart that discovered brokenness.

Scion, a beautiful street dancer from Planet Eco had come to Earth.

“Go Scion. Go to Earth and do what you can to help my son.” Sprat said.

She was in awe of Oden’s reverence and humility. It was her job to show him all the excitement and wonderment of the world above, through her eyes.

“Oden, your father sent me from our planet to show you the beauty of love.”

But she was too late. Oden had already made up his mind. The hope that once lived in his was gone. His heart now only saw bitterness and failure.

She saw Oden pull his knife from his belt.

“Stop, Oden, don’t do this.”

But, her words were in vain. His full lips quivered. His chest heaved starving for air to fill his lungs. And his thoughts were drowning him. He thrust the knife into his heart. Scion’s voice went unheard, and Oden fell to the ground.

Scion rushed to his side. She offered him a drop of water. But from that orb which had been so dry, a big tear fell and moistened the earth.

She cradled the dead mutant’s head in her lap. She closed his one eye and said, “Oden, your father sent me to return you to your native world. Your purpose was to open the eyes of the citizens to your bravery and heroism. But on earth, they still hide in the darkness with closed eyes. They avoid from seeing the things they would not rather see.”

Scion accompanied Oden’s body from the underground catacombs of New York City. An intergalactic shuttle was waiting for him in the shadows of the skyscrapers. The magnificent spaceship carried Oden’s lifeless body home to a hero’s welcome.

He had abolished his hatred and turned it into a selfless act. He had given his life in the hope of saving humanity.

Planet Earth was a dying planet that once mirrored his beloved homeland. But the earthlings still were blind to the dark side of being different.

At his memorial service, Scion elaborated in her eulogy. “The gentle Cyclops left his home planet as an outcast. But, he has now come home to his native world. We recognize that Oden deserves praise for his humanitarian service. He needlessly lost his life in another world. All because, humans failed to see his inner beauty over his external beast.

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March 1st, 2017

BLOG Wednesday, March 1, 2017                                                                
A new book to read…

Book #2 is now available in the Reading Room. Read the full story now!

‘Dark Secret’, is the first story taken from the Mia Perez Me-Time stories.

This book contains adult language and sex scenes.

Genre: Adult fiction, romance, medical, inspirational, family life

My name is Mia Perez and this is my story.

Dr. Robert Chase was at the top of his game as a world class neurosurgeon. And then, a beautiful Brazilian Beauty Pageant winner enters his operating theater.

Regardless that there is a vast age difference, Dr. Chase is bewitched by his lovely patient. And she becomes intimate with her older doctor.

“I don’t care which one of us is the biological father to this baby”, the doctor said. “All I know is that I love you and I will love this child as my own”.

Read how Mia Perez learned to face adversity and challenges with determination and humor.

Next week’s blog will be more about the Mia Perez series of stories FREE in the Reading Room.

Coming soon to the Reading Room… the next story in the life of Mia Perez.

‘He Took my Child’.

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The K.Lorraine Reading Room announces Book #2—-Dark Secret

February 20th, 2017

The K. Lorraine Reading Room announces book #2 – Dark Secret

The Reading Room book #2, will hit the shelf during the first week of March. Thus far, the K. Lorraine website has had 8,951 visits. This is quite an accomplishment.

Those who have stopped by to say hello, have found many interesting areas to read. Today, I’ve chosen to write about the Reading Room, since it is the newest part of the webpage.

The Mia Perez Series is blazing a trail across the globe. The stand alone books are HOT… so, why am I giving the books away one-by-one, you might ask?

The answer is simple. It’s getting more people to read them. It’s called a ‘marketing strategy’. I plan to get you hooked on the Mia Perez stand alone stories.

Once you start reading the first book, ‘Dark Secret’, in the Reading Room, you will want to come back and read the next book in the series.

In the original Mia Perez series, 2014, Unethical Doctor is the title of book one. But, because the series is still available for purchase, I needed to change the name and book cover. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to give it away FREE in The Reading Room.

Warning… Rated R. Adult content, Language


Reviews written about Unethical Doctor… This was such an intriguing story and romantically awesome!! I have to imagine that a doctor and patient relationships isn’t uncommon. I had many melancholy for Mia being traumatized by such a fatal accident resulting in permanent spinal paralysis and due to her affliction, it was still quite a devastating circumstance to accept. I could understand her feelings of how unfair life can be sometimes, the fear as well as the enmity of once having useful working limbs to suddenly being impaired. It’s a blessing she survived such a tragic incident and due to her extensive career as well as for the affectionate attraction of her doctor all was not lost, in fact, I think she gained something very beautiful… Love! I truly enjoyed your story, it kept glued to the very end! Comment written 12-Sep-2014

A well written story that has a good flow, making it a very enjoyable read. The descriptions were also well written and gave a real feel for the crash scene and the hospital. Just enough to imagine without being too much. I also liked the dialogue, which seemed very natural. Comment Written 31-Aug-2014
This is very well written, mystery writer, you did an excellent job writing this story about the patient and doctor who fell for each other, during her recovery. I enjoyed reading it.
Comment Written 31-Aug-2014

My strategy is that you’ll like everything about book ONE, ‘Dark Secret’, that you won’t want to wait month-after-month to read the entire five books.

Mia Perez was lucky to be alive after making it through a near fatal accident. She was placed in an induced coma by the Chief of Neurosurgery, Dr. Robert Chase.

When Mia awoke from her coma, the first person she saw was a very attractive man. But she was unaware it was the doctor who saved her life. Dr. Chase’s failing marriage opened the door to unethically begin competing for his young patient’s affections.

Dr. Chase manipulates ways of sexually arousing Mia Perez. He takes her to the depths of her subconscious where she had never gone before. Mia begins to wonder if Dr. Chase made love to her for research as a doctor, or from his heart as a man.

Dr. Jayne Anne White, psychologist, cautions the doctor that his patient is focused on her insatiable needs to please men. She has difficulty in learning how to adapt to the realities of paraplegia.

For Mia Perez to survive her post- injury depression, Dr. White realizes she would need to spend a great deal of time with her patient. But would Mia ever find the love she desired? And when does a gentle touch, turn into rape?


I’ve talked about the book ‘Overcoming’, before. Although the Original book was good, I felt that I could improve it. Since the book Overcoming first came out in 2012, I’ve found a grammar check software. The editing software has made the re-writing task easier.

I also learned that most readers didn’t want to invest a lot of time reading a novel.

So, I dismantled the original Overcoming novel into five sections. The story was rewritten and became the Mia Perez five book Series.

In the earlier book, Overcoming, Giovanna Valdez was the protagonist.
Overcoming then became a five book series, The Mia Perez Perez stories.

In the 2017 revised book, ‘BROKEN’, Crisis of Faith, I kept the protagonist’s as name, Mia Perez. I reassembled the five books and joined them together. I’ve given the book new cover art in order to give the five book series a facelift.

‘BROKEN, Crisis of Faith, is a compilation of the five Mia Perez series. So, it is once again, a full length novel. The new novel will release in March, 2017, on Amazon Kindle… in the E-book store.

I still think the original story was a good book and deserves to return to its original venue of a full length novel.

As the author, I wouldn’t dissuade you from reading the original book. But the five stand alone stories are rewritten to improve the novel.

In the revised books, the storyline hasn’t changed. The new version has a slight plot twist. All-in-all, whichever version you choose, the book is the same.


In conclusion, I hope that you will return to the Reading Room in March. Regardless, if you don’t want to read the entire five Mia Perez stories, ‘Dark Secret’, will give you insight. Life is not easy as a person with a disability.

Until next time…

Happy Reading!
K. Lorraine

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November 12th, 2016

What is a blog tour?th-10A blog tour is like a book signing tour, except you are doing it online. Their main success lies in increasing awareness of your book and your author name. The fundamental aim of blog tours is to build relationships with your potential readers. Plus, I need to organize the launch and publicity for book # 3, Christmas Stories for the Whole Family; Short Stories for the Season.

There are several different kinds of blog tours. I’ve decided that a ‘Review Tour’ fits my needs the best. A Review Tour offers the opportunity to review the author’s book in exchange for a book review.

Credible reviews are difficult to come by, so this is a great tour to receive guaranteed reviews of your book. I’m aware that guaranteed reviews do not equate to a guaranteed good review. But, the rule does state that a reviewer will agree not to post a review that is less than three stars until after the tour is finished. A review is rated between one and five.

If you want to participate in the ‘Review Tour,’ Instant message me on FB and indicate that you want to read the book. Include your name, and email address. If you read this blog on WordPress, you can reach me through making a comment. Either way, I will return a free PDF copy of the book.

I am offering the readers in this book promotion, the opportunity to win a copy of my Christmas book. It won’t cost you anything to enter the giveaway. I’m just asking you to post your LIKE and add a comment about the book on Facebook. And then, go to my webpage, and join my mailing list. This list is confidential and will not be shared.

Please ask your friends and network groups to share my social media posts and tweets. Copy this blog and please forward it to your those on your mailing list.

About the Author:

Author, K. Lorraine

Author, K. Lorraine

Kathleen grew up in the lake community of Sanford, Michigan. She is the second oldest of nine children. Her family and teachers knew that Kathleen was a gifted writer and a talented artist. She graduated college with a Bachelor Degree in Business and an Associate Degree in art design.

Ms. Lorraine joined FanStory in 2014. She is a recognized author who has written 112 ‘five star’ short stories. To date; she has received seven ‘First Place’ wins. Ms. Lorraine has also achieved numerous ‘Recognized wins,’ for her work.

Although a young Kathleen wrote her first book titled ‘Pockets’ for her daughter, Rebecca, the book never saw the light of day. Some of Ms. Lorraine’s later works did. The upcoming author writes her stories under the Pen Name of K. Lorraine.

She recently began to write a series of children’s stories. Book One of the ‘Snuggles Bedtime Stories, ‘The Christmas Dream’ was released in December, 2015. ‘The Children’s Easter Story Book 2016’,book # 2 released in time for Easter.

The author returns in 2016 with book three in the ‘Snuggles Bedtime Stories, ‘Christmas for the Whole Family’.

Ms. Lorraine has been married to her husband Ed for over 20 years and they collectively have five children from previous marriages. They are also blessed with six grandchildren. The couple resides in Roswell, New Mexico.


Author K. Lorraine present Snuggles Bedtime Stories, Book Three: Christmas Stories for the Whole Family; Short Stories for the Season.

The Christmas Scarf – It’s funny the things that the human mind chooses to set aside and keep as a fond remembrance. The Christmas holiday season was getting close. My name is Violet, and I waited on pins and needles for the Nutcracker Suite to watch on television. But, I wanted to see the dancers in person. I hoped and prayed that Mama kept her knitting money to buy us theater tickets.

It was finally Christmas morning. Santa Claus left my gift, beneath the tree. I untied the big red bow with care, and opened the gift wrapped box. Nanny Rosetta and Mama must have spent many nights together hand sewing the pink tutu for Santa to bring me. I hid my disappointment that theater tickets weren’t in the box.I wondered if my Christmas dream would come true?

Miss Fitt’s Kennel— It’s Christmas in the village of Snow Globe. The merchants of the stores belonged to Santa’s ‘special’ elves. It was Santa’s goal to have a groundbreaking new product for children around the world. Santa visits each storekeeper to see what new idea was ready for him.

Queen Seltza’s Wintery Worldis a story in a poem about Percy Penguin who is stuck on an ice floe. The poem takes you through his adventure of trying to find his way home. He will meet some kind strangers and an evil queen who puts a spell on him. Your child is bound to like reading about a mother’s Raspberry kisses and hot chocolate love.

Super Star Singing Sensation—is a story about a family of singing penguins who met a talent scout. Find out what he has in store for the singing penguin family. Will they become a singing sensation?

k. Lorraine is the author of many entertaining children’s books. This one is perfect for the holiday season. Her stories are available at Amazon Kindle and CreateSpace.

THANK YOU FOR READING MY BLOG… I LOOK FORWARD TO GETTING A FAVORABLE RESPONSE. I look forward to have a number of K. Lorraine book fans help me promote my next Children’s Christmas book.

Happy Reading, K. Lorraine

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SHE HAD AN AX TO GRIND–Blog #6 October 29th, 2016

October 29th, 2016

Blog #6 October 29, 2016
Copyright © 2013 by K. Lorraine Books

Welcome back to Blog#6 of Fright week.

This short story is based on a contest prompt ‘The door slammed echoing down the long hall.” Do you think this makes for a scary Halloween story? You be the judge

Caution—disturbing language


She had an Ax to Grind

Andrew Borden bought a large house in one of the city’s most fashionable neighborhoods. Lizzie Borden closed the upstairs bedroom door. The door slammed echoing down the long hall. She had bludgeoned her mother and left a gruesome crime scene.

Despite the family wealth, the Borden home lacked the most basic of modern conveniences. The home, unlike most, included indoor plumbing. And this caused jealousy among the poor folks.

Many people might have wanted to see Andrew Borden dead. He was one of the wealthiest and the most unpopular man in town. He was frugal and made many enemies on his way to the top in the banking industry.

Rumors swirled that the deaths of Abby and Andrew was a crime of passion. They died in revenge for his shady business deals. The initial police investigation focused outside the immediate family. But police learned that the couple’s own daughter, Lizzie, had as much to gain by her father’s death.

Lizzie’s actions in the days following the murders, did raise eyebrows. Children who learned the rhyme believe it took 40 blows to kill Abby Borden. But that’s not exactly true, yet, she did die first.

“Lizzie Borden took an ax,
Gave her mother 40 whacks.
After she had seen what she had done,
She gave her father 41.

Mr. Andrew Borden died in Old Fall River.
And they got his daughter Lizzie on a charge of homicide.
Some folks say that she didn’t do it. And others say ‘of course she did’, but they all agree that Miss Lizzie B. Was a problem type of kid.”

The mutilated body of Andrew Borden lay downstairs in the parlor. It seems the children’s rope jumping rhyme got it wrong. Abby received 19 blows… not 40, and it only took 10 whacks to kill Andrew. The murder weapon was an ax. Most of the slashes on the corpse were about his face and head. The vicious blows almost decapitated him. The police believed that the same device ended both lives.

The police searched the house and basement with care, but an ax was not found. The coroner stated it seemed more likely that a hatchet was the true murder weapon. It seems the nursery rhyme overstated by half, the total ‘whacks’ needed to do the job. But then, hatchet and whacks don’t rhyme.

By the time the trial started, she had become a media sensation. A lack of forensic evidence, cleared Lizzie of the gruesome murders. She was never connected with the crimes. Yet, everyone suspected she did do the killing. Evidence proved that she slaughtered her parents while naked. This was her clever way to avoid leaving behind any clues.

Lizzie never took the stand in her own defense. A jury of 12 men deliberated for 90 minutes before returning a not guilty verdict. One hundred-twenty years later, the crime remains unsolved.

The moral of the story is—lock up your ax if you are in fear of getting 40 whacks!

Happy Halloween,

K. Lorraine

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WAKING UP DEAD ISN’T THAT BAD–Blog #5 October 28th, 2016

October 28th, 2016

Blog #5 October 28, 2016
Copyright © 2013 by K. Lorraine Books

Caution: adult language & sexual content
This blog is not for the faint of heart.

Halloween Contest Winnerwaking-up-dead

Waking up dead isn’t that bad

The Englishman reeked of piss, feces and stale ale. His pot belly protruded from beneath his once white shirt stained with sweat. And his belly fat hung over the waistband of his aging worn-out leather breeches. He had an oil burning lantern in one hand, and a pistol in the other. A filthy rag covered one eye. Captain Morgan clenched his yellow tobacco stained teeth together. Curling his face into a permanent sneer, he raised an eyebrow. And in a stuffy temperamental English voice he said. “The spirit is foul; did I startle yah me lady?”

The immortal Captain Morgan captured Jaquette Felton on the Isle of Bermuda. He ravaged over the flesh of women he had forced himself upon. She was the lady he currently shared a cot with. She was his pawn and used as a bargaining chip between the will of other pirates who dared to storm his ship.

Jaquette turned over and the flimsy cloth that covered her rounded breasts slid to the floor. She cuddled into his chest and stroked the sweaty nape of his neck. His eyes opened wide. He raised an eyebrow in an attempt to say something flattering. “Indeed, my lady, they are fine breasts, but why would you waste your beauty on such filthy rubbish as the likes of me.”

Jaquette smiled and reached her hand inside his shirt. She caressed down his rotting flesh. “If you are ready, I offer my lips to your piece… I invite men into my bed and I share myself with them for a piece of silver.”

She said nothing more as his hand grasped her naked breast and smothered her with wet lipped kisses. Captain Morgan was a cold-hearted son of a bitch. He was short, fat, ugly and a lecherous pig who was one of the hardest pirates on the open seas. He longed for the Caribbean Islands. The heat, looting, pillaging and heralding his power over the natives were his forte.

Jaquette was the only woman aboard the three mast ship of cutthroats. She was a woman who had needs of struggling with her inner longings.

Captain Morgan was over fifty. And he couldn’t hold a candle to the ragtag sailors who worked around the deck. Their shirtless bodies covered in a fine sheen of sweat titillated her sexual desire.

Jaquette slid over the side of the cot and sank to her knees on the planks aside her narrow bed. Fighting arousal and her scent, infused him with absolute lust. He laid a hand on her bare rump and snared. “Yarrr, it’s bad luck that yer the only whore aboard this seaworthy sweat hole of a vessel.”

The curves of a woman beckoned him. He unsheathed his sword and shoved his boot against her rump. The stench of his rum-scented breath washed across her face. He muttered, “I should throw yer naked ars to the bastards below deck. Yer eyes peer through the planks below deck into the bowels of the ship. Better yet, I will throw yer boney ars over the rails for the sharks to feed upon.”

Beads of sweat dotted across her brow and trickled down her face. The salty mixture stung her eyes and nestled on her lips. Her hair hung in matted damp golden threads and sweat trickled down the nape of her neck. The droplets of moisture lay cool on her skin. Perspiration soaked the under arms of her sheer frock.

Jaquette’s life was over and she felt nothing any longer. She imagined that waking up dead was not remembering one second to the next. So how could waking up dead be so bad? She thought being fish food was better than living a captured life on a Death Ship of ghoulish spirits.

Jaquette walked the plank with the point of Captain Morgan’s sword drawing blood. She stepped off the end of the timber and fell to her watery grave.

Ho, ho, ho, and a bottle of Rum…

Happy Halloween, K. Lorraine

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October 28th, 2016

Blog #4 October 27, 2016
Copyright © 2013 by K. Lorraine Books

Fright week continues with a delicious short tale of horror…

The contest prompt was ‘write an invitation’ to a Halloween party.

Honorable mention prize winning entry 2015.

Caution: this story is disturbing… but, after-all, it is Halloween

What’s for Dinner?

I follow women who push carriages, but I never get too close. When the time is right, I place my hand over the puppy’s mouth and snatch the sleeping pet.

Who am I? I’m a homebody living in the suburbs with blood-red eyes and a hunger for raw meat.What happens to the puppies, you ask?


I drive them around in my car because I can’t sleep. I find the taste of young flesh is especially good. The meat is oh, so tender.

The only seasoning required is to baste your catch with butter and bake on the backyard rotisserie.

Pickled bat wing finger food, and earthworm dip served with cow chips will wet your appetite. BYO, or savor Mary’s blood punch that is chilled to perfection.

Wear your finest garb of ghoulish attire. The first place prize is a night in a vampire coffin, laying in a crypt of stone. The second prize winner will hang from the monstrous Oak tree that towers above the graveyard. It’s gnarled branches lusts for your soul.

The entertainment of the masked, smiling, sinister, Killer Clowns is just a Werewolve’s hair’s breadth away from terror and manic joy. They will push you to the brink of your breaking point and ridicule you through their unnerving jokes.

Halloween dinner is on the stroke of midnight, so bring a dish to pass, but don’t be late. You might be left to gnaw on the bones and suck the grizzle. I’m salivating already.

I’ll see you tomorrow with a new Fright week Halloween story. That’s if you aren’t puking your guts out from eating rancid meat!

Happy Halloween,

K. Lorraine

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GIVE ONE–TAKE ONE–A Blog about two Public Libraries

October 17th, 2016

Give one, Take one
Blog about two Public Libraries


 Sanford, Michigan Little Free Library

Two thousand miles separate them, but the vision of spreading the joy and power of sharing books is the same. Author K. Lorraine supports both libraries by sharing her books. A list of books that are on the library shelves in Sanford, Michigan and Roswell, New Mexico, follows.

About the author:

K. Lorraine is a recognized author who has written 112 ‘five star’ short stories. To date; she has received seven ‘First Place’ wins. She has also achieved many ‘Recognized wins,’ for her work.

A young Kathleen wrote her first book titled ‘Pockets’ for her daughter, Rebecca. It was a birthday gift when she started her first year in school, the book never saw the light of day. But, some of Ms. Lorraine’s later works did. The upcoming author writes her stories under the Pen Name of K. Lorraine.

Ms. Lorraine resurrected her interest in writing after a thirty year absence. But, she kept her skill of writing fine-tuned when a local newspaper offered her a staff writer job.

Ms. Lorraine divides her time between writing different types of adult human drama. Her favorite genres are romance and murder/mystery. She also has to her credit, a series of children’s stories.

Ms. Lorraine and her husband Ed, of twenty-five years, live in Roswell, New Mexico. They have five children from previous marriages. They are also blessed with six grandchildren.

library3K. Lorraine is humbled and honored to announce that the Roswell, New Mexico library has accepted the following books.

The author’s most recent book is a novel;
“The Playboy Prince”

The novel is Part mystery, Part romance…

“You are an amazing author and so very gifted indeed. You are awesome.” Comment Written 04-May-2016 by foxangie123

DP replied “The ending did surprise me.” Written 06-May-2016

The idea for ‘The Playboy Prince,’ came to mind in 2006. Over the years, the storyline continued to grow. I allowed the intrigue in the life of Hale Lake Kahuka-Dano, to flourish.

The first half of the book focuses on Hale Kahuka’s childhood.

The second half is about the rogue Interpol undercover cop. His obsession was to find the man who murdered his Grandfather, Judge Dano. Hale Dano’s obsession becomes his life’s mission.

The Playboy Prince is brimming with emotion from the beginning to the end. Hale Lake Kahuka–Dano is the 6th generation grandson of King Kahmehameha. Hale Dano invites you to follow his story as he goes from being a youngster, to becoming a mature man.

Poetry in Motion

Ms. Lorraine said, “I had NO CLUE that ‘Poetry in Motion’ was going to be as popular as it has become. I didn’t even have it in my head that this would be my first book to go so far. In two days, the book has gotten another 192 LIKES and 10 more comments and reviews. Since publishing, the book has received 5,000 Facebook LIKES, views and comments.”

The book, ‘Poetry in Motion’ is a collaboration of 52 contemporary poems. The poems are fiction and are creations of the author’s imagination. Some of the entries date back twenty plus years. She invites you to come into the magical world of imagination. Many of the pieces are award winning poems.

Seychelles Survivor

It was orientation week at the University of Iowa. Five freshmen students from different parts of the country sit together in a college lecture theater. The group is unaware they share a common interest.

The five college friends set out on a tropical paradise vacation over a long 4th of July adventure. Two days later, the parents get the word that the private jet is missing.

Surviving a plane crash can be a terrifying thing. The tension mounts as the story draws to a close on a beautiful tropical island in the Indian Ocean. The setting is compelling and the dialogue is real.

‘Seychelles Survivor’, is about a family separated by a plane crash. The families band together to find their children.

The book ‘Seychelles Survivor’ has had more than 40 reviews. The author has selected a few for your reading pleasure. “The background kindles the reader’s curiosity. I love your emotional appeal. It’s indeed your specialty– one such as I want. Thanks for creating such an emotionally mature character as Lei Lani. Thanks for sharing with us. God bless.”  Comment Written 11-Dec-2014

“I thought this piece was very well written and thought out. The emotional impact of the wedding and the epilogues pregnancy was very deep and profound; the love between the husband and wife clearly shown and made plain in the simple and elegant wedding they had. I liked the way God was invoked at the time of the ceremony, the prayers seemed genuine and realistic. That was the thing about this piece I really liked, the realism of it and easy readability. Five stars!”  Comment Written 10-Dec-2014

“Selfishness can only come to harm in the long run. This is very well written with a smooth flow of words, making for a very strong read.”  Comment Written 20-Nov-2014.

Beyond the Twilight Zone

‘Beyond the Twilight Zone’ is a series of unrelated stories. The book contains drama, psychological thriller, fantasy,science fiction, suspense, and/or horror. The stories often conclude with a macabre or unexpected twist.

The book is a compilation of short stories that will take you back in time to the original Twilight Zone series. Ordinary people find themselves in situations that they try to solve.

Ms Lorraine thought you might like to read a few reviews.

Fan Reviews…

The Pirate Story – 76 views – 6 stars

“Boy, that was a trip! You took the story thread down many pathways. I enjoyed just following along, wondering where and how you were going to tie it all up. It was fun. You write with great confidence and authority. I like the way your mind works, delivering us a bit of everything. Some pretty explicit sex scenes, lots of angst and pathos, a bit of melodrama. A terrific mix, all in all.”

Space Mishap – 23 Fan Views

“An eccentric oddity and a kook cause a delay in getting home. The dialogue is clear and shows what the characters are like. The narrative shows the action, such as hitting the wrong panel, stepping in the cow poop. The emotion felt was a warm feeling with a big smile.”

We Came Upon a Ghost Child – 62 Fan Views – 6 stars

“An awesome and creative story, although sad. Well written. “Daddy, it’s only terrible when the truth doesn’t come out.”

“Kitty, is this your daddy’s car?”

The Dark Side of Being Different – 58 Fan Views

“I’m not one for sci-fi, but you did a miraculous job of capturing my attention the whole story through. You described the aliens in great detail. You moved the story along as an accomplished writer would. It’s obvious that you invest time and thought in your writing. Your story was well edited and polished.”

Lethal Injection-50 fan views

“Chilling, frightening story. You made it even more so because something like this could actually happen. I’d tend to agree with Detective Stabler. His assessment that a user would not choose their mouth as an injection site for the heroine. It looks like this Wall Street exec bit off a bit more than he could chew with his selection of hired hookers.”

Through a Mother’s Eyes-50 fan views—

“You deliver a short but powerful piece. The last words linger long after I finished reading the story.”

Haunted Manor – Voodoo Murder

He sat back in his swivel chair and lit an electronic cigarette. He watched her step out of the 1964 Rangoon Red Thunderbird convertible. She was wearing four inch sling-back heels with legs that went up to her neck. He exhaled a continuous chain of smoke rings. She was stunning in a close-fitting black wiggle dress. Her blood red lips made his testosterone level rise.

Burton Middleton had a lucrative and successful writing career. But his passion for the written word as a noted Historian ended after his beloved wife died from lung cancer. Leaving his Yankee roots behind him, he moved to the ‘Big Easy.’

Black letters spelled out Middleton Private Investigations on the glass door. The office door opened, and the ‘Bombshell’ walked in. He was completely unaware of how his life was about to change.

“Haunted Manor: Voodoo Murder, is a steamy, sexy, bone-chilling thriller. The book is steeped in southern superstition and tradition. The author combines a Mashup of Voodoo with a beautiful antebellum manor that ends in MURDER.

‘Mashup’ is a new genre concept in literary writing, and it is fast becoming popular. In ‘Mashup’, the story is when you take two or more different genres and mix them together. This technique is masterful in bringing about a new and fresh storyline.

The author mashed a ‘Civil War’ College Professor, along with a haunted manor. She came up with a story line that ends in Murder.

Writer’s Digest suggests that K. Lorraine has been using ‘Mashup’ technique for years.”

Comment – April 22, 2014

“I call this a ‘Genealogy murder’ story. A Civil War plantation owner’s mistress passes down the twisted gene of voodoo superstition. Trust me, there is a lot of ‘mystery’ in this book.”

Mia Perez Series

Comment – May 10, 2014

The Mia Perez Series is a collection of five stand alone stories. Whether read one after another, or separately, they become a compelling story of Mia’s life.

Book One – ‘Unethical Doctor’, Mia Perez was lucky to be alive. She was the only survivor of the fatal accident. Induced into a coma by the Chief of Neurosurgery, Dr. Aidan Chase, was a merciful way to help the long healing process.

When Mia awoke from her coma, the first person she saw was an attractive man. But she was unaware it was the doctor who had saved her life. The doctor opens the door to an unethical desire to win over his patient’s affections.

In Book Two, ‘Unfit Mother’, Mia Perez is young. She is naive. Her parents reared her in the strict native traditions of Brazil throughout her entire life. She came to America in hopes of finding a rich American man. But, she finds a world full of freedom and choices instead.

Uninformed about sex, she learns that even a woman with a disability can get pregnant. Mia is desperate when she learns the results of a drugstore pregnancy test. She slept with two men. She feels the pressure to get one of them to marry her.

Book Three, ‘Shhh’ is a short story of 18,000 words. The long awaited reunion of the Callan brothers is nearing. Mia has had an imaginary love interest with an American movie star, Tobias Callan, for a long time.

She uses her sexy curves to toy with the brothers. And she knows exactly how to please them all night long. But will Mia’s passionate encounter with Tobias set off a series of events?

Will a one-night stand, turn into a risky scheme of manipulation? Will the sex tape destroy the brothers in a whirlwind of emotions over the love of one woman?

Book Four, ‘Locked Away’, Mia Perez sends the Callan brothers away after a bad break-up on her wedding day. She banishes the two men from her life that she’s loved.

‘Locked Away’ is a second chance story. The suspense grows when the tapes come out about Mia’s sordid past. The story is about the entanglements of love. Will Mia finally get her fairy tale marriage with one of the Callan brothers? Or will tragedy strike?

In the fifth book titled ‘Beyond a Kiss’, Mia Perez becomes obsessed with solving a two decade old murder.

In the series, five men have loved her: her father, Juan Perez, a wealthy Brazilian coffee plantation mogul; Aidan Chase, the handsome young doctor who saved her life; Nicholas Starks, her water therapy coach whose unconditional love saved Mia from self destruction; and there were the Callan brothers, who Mia toyed with.

It was her plan to manipulate the brothers and get the man she loved to marry her. Nicholas Starks, was not husband material, but he always came to her rescue.

After two decades, the reading audience will learn the killer’s identity. Will this discovery affect Mia’s future plans for happiness? ‘Beyond a Kiss’ is a page turner murder mystery with an unexpected ending.

The Me Time E-Books provide you with a quick escape into a world of passion. And even an occasional happy ending.

“My name is Mia Perez and this is my story about the love I have for the men in my life.”


The Misadventure of Walter and Katy Shuster series-Book One
The Adventure of the Traveling Green Ants

Something on the dashboard caught her attention. She amused herself as she chased them about as they scattered.
“What,” she spouted off, “Damn, they are multiplying faster than I can squash them!”

Katy was on a mission of her own as she began to sing off-tune. “And Another ant bites the dust; another ant bites the dust.”

Walter and Katy Shuster were about to begin their annual trek from SW Florida to New Mexico. But, the ‘comedy of errors’ began sooner than later.


“Find out how Katy Shuster, became known as the Notorious killer of the Alien Green Ants.”

“Great book on adventures in Florida after retiring–a great read, and funny! Don’t miss this one!” comment – January 20, 2016

“A light-hearted piece, easy to follow…”
Margaret— Comment Written 09-Mar-2015

“That was cute how you had the wife say, “Aren’t you forgetting something?” The amusing part is when he goes to the rear of the car and takes a look. This wet my whistle.”
Comment Written 07-Mar-2015

“It was a fun book to read. Since I’m a “junk dealer” (antiques) I liked that part.”  Teresa
Comment Written 07-Mar-2015

Undercover Rookie

Eddie Cannon Jr. is nearing the completion of his police academy training. He decides to follow in the footsteps of his father, who was formerly head of Homeland Security. Detective Ed Cannon Sr., tried to bring down a large Midwest drug trafficking ring.

Homeland Security learns that the young Cadet is the son of the fallen decorated officer. They give Eddie Cannon Jr. his dream job of going undercover. Eddie Jr. assumes the identity of an out of work high school drop-out. His instructions were to take a job in the Nebraska Fun Center and Roller Skating Rink.

Cannon must resort to his academy training. In the end, it was Eddie Cannon Jr. who stood motionless over a female’s dead body holding the smoking gun. He tried to feel something for her, but he couldn’t shed a single tear. He hides his emotions, studies the situation, but does he solve the case in the nick of time?

Undercover Rookie is an action-packed thriller, full of suspense, sex and betrayal. The story’s ending will shock and surprise you.

The Christmas Dream – children’s picture book library1Snuggles Bedtime Stories-Book One (Volume 1)

The Christmas Dream is about a young boy and a dream filled with wonderment. Ricky finds himself walking in the newly trodden footsteps of a mother deer and her fawn. Among the snow covered trees, there is a small cottage. A billowing white cloud of smoke dances around the chimney. Could this be Santa’s house?

Children’s Easter Story Book 2016 – Children’s picture book
Snuggles Bedtime Stories (Volume 2).

The book includes two stories-
Robbie the Purple Easter Rabbit
And… Easter in the Barnyard

As a bonus, the book includes the author’s favorite prize winning poem-
A Candy Colored Easter

Thank you for taking the time to look at some of the books that I’ve written and published over the years.

Thank you for allowing me to share the news that the above listed books were reviewed by the Roswell, NM Library Board and accepted as new books to the Roswell community. The same selection of books are in the mail to the Sanford, Michigan ‘Little Free Library.’ It is an honor to be selected as an upcoming published author.

Happy Reading, K. Lorraine

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CONTEST! Sponsored by the K. Lorraine Website Come one–Come all!

September 26th, 2016

              K. Lorraine SITE sponsored contest.               Come One—Come All!!!!!


                          th-7   smiley-megaphone
Come one—come all…

The contest, Fun stuff I blog about, runs from Tuesday, September 27 – October 11, 2016. The winners will be announced before the end of the month. Read on for the official contest rules and the list of prizes. Don’t delay… the contest will end on October 11, 2016.

You don’t need to be a professional writer to enter the Fun stuff I blog about contest. All that is required is that you like to read. If you can read, you can write.

Being real is the name of the game. I am looking for authentic people to write a blog entry. I want to see humanity and vulnerability in your writing. This is what connects you to your audience. I am this kind of writer and this is the type of person who would write the kind of piece that would fit into my column.

Since you are already on my website, it would probably be helpful to read some of the blogs that I have written. They will give you an overview of the variety of topics I’ve written about.

The rules are simple.

· You must be 18 years or older to submit an entry.

· Your written entry should be at least 500 words and no more than 1,200 words.

· The subject idea is open-ended. Write about anything—fiction or non-fiction.

· Keep it clean, and pleaseno religion, politics or current affairs.

· Remember, you do not need to be a professional writer. In fact, I encourage the amateur to write a blog and submit it. I want to know what you believe and how you really feel about things.

· One entry per person.

Enthusiasm is the key word, and the idea is to entertain, so make your piece enjoyable to read and inform your audience about something you have found that is fun.

You can learn more about me as an author and review a listing of my published books by exploring my webpage. There is a wealth of information available to help you understand me as a person and as a writer. I encourage you to browse and explore the website by clicking on the tabs.

A panel of three judges has been assembled to insure that all entries will be read and evaluated independently.

Two of the submissions will be chosen as a FIRST place and SECOND place winner. All prizes will be awarded.

The FIRST PRIZE award is—a choice to select one of the following books

· The adult coloring book, Fun in the Florida Sun. The coloring book blends in well the latest trend of adult coloring books. But, what make this unique above all the rest is this book features large, easy-to-color graphics starring a zany couple who live in a Florida 55 plus community. Katy and Walter Shuster live in a topsy-turvy world based on the everyday life of a retired couple.

· The Playboy Prince–The (novel) is Part mystery, Part romance. The first half of the book is dedicated to Hale Kahuka’s childhood. The second part is about the rogue Interpol undercover cop, and his obsession to find the man who murdered his Grandfather, Judge Dano.

· Poetry in Motion is a collaboration of 52 contemporary poems that are creations of the author’s imagination; some dating back twenty plus years. The author invites you to come into the magical world of imagination.

· Spog Tames a Bully. On his native planet of Apple, Spog was taught that the best way to reform an unsavory character is to make them your friend. The steps for this change is revealed in a plan written by Apple’s leading peacekeeper, Professor, Al Right. Spog and his friend gather the students together to prepare a plan based on the Professor’s theory, so the children of Roswell Elementary School could welcome the new kid named Spike, into their playground clan

The author will personally autograph the book and mail it directly to the winner.

In addition—the winner will be awarded a guest spot in the K. Lorraine website, blog.

The winning entry will also be featured in the 2017 book, How to Blog Your Way to Write a Book.

The second place prize—is the choice to select one of the following books.

· The Misadventures of Walter and Katy Shuster–Book One

(The Adventure of the Traveling Green Ants.) The genre is Satire/humor and is written primarily for the retired age audience. The story is a comedy of errors that the senior reader would appreciate associated with travel and irrational thinking which often accompanies an aging adventure. Something on the dashboard caught her attention. She amused herself as she chased them about as they quickly scattered. “What,” she spouted off, “Damn, they are multiplying faster than I can squash them!” Katy was on a mission of her own as she began to sing off-tune. “And Another ant bites the dust; another ant bites the dust.”

· The Christmas Dream–a children’s story, is about a young boy and a dream filled with wonderment. Ricky finds himself walking in the newly trodden footsteps of a mother deer and her fawn. Up ahead among the snow covered trees, there is a small cottage with a billowing white cloud of smoke dancing around the chimney. Could this be Santa’s house?

The author will personally autograph the book and mail it directly to the winner.

In addition—the second place winner will be awarded a guest spot in the K. Lorraine website blog. The winning entry will also be featured in the 2017 book, How to Blog Your Way to Write a Book.

My blogs are available to read on my website at or

Thank you for entering the Fun Stuff I Blog About contest and facilitating in the promotion of K. Lorraine and my books. Have fun as you write your contest entry. Please do me a favor and pass this contest along to others.

Submit your entry to: and be sure to indicate at the end of your submission, the book you have selected if you are the winner. Your name, full address including zip code and email address are required.

(All entries become the property of K. Lorraine Books and non-winning entries will not be returned unless a request is submitted in writing. All entries are in compliance with the copyright rules. Compensation for the first & second prize is made through the gift awards. No other means of fee for service is or shall be awarded.)

Thank you,

Happy Reading and WRITING,

K. Lorraine

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Can a dinosaur be taught new tricks?

September 3rd, 2016

Can a dinosaur be taught new tricks?dinocomputer

I had an interesting Sunday afternoon while shopping with my husband Ed. A nice young man approached us in the store and asked, “Are you happy with your internet package?”

Ed said, “Not really, what do you have to offer?”

Alphonso proceeded to explain the ins and outs and other benefits that his internet package might have that our current service might not. Of course, Ed was mostly interested in the cost. However, his pet peeve is there are too many sports networks and far too many repeat channels.

A man not interested in sports dumbfounded Alphonso, but he did relate to the abundance of repeat channels. In fact, he showed us that the average number of stations offered is around 79. Ed gasped and said, “I swear we get over 1,000 channels. Regular viewing and the upper end Hi-def ones.”

Ed then said, “All I want is the local networks – you know, NBC, CBS and ABC. I also like HGTV, Hallmark Movie Network and Lifetime movies. Can I tailor make my TV watching to satisfy my wants?”

Well, I’m going to move on here because we talked with Alphonso for at least an hour about technical stuff. Boring!

But, what I do want to talk about is this; that Alphonso was in the throes of becoming a writer. We talked about an array of topics connected with writing a book. He also counseled me on the How To’s of promoting your finished and published book.

I’m here to say, that I’m old enough to be his mother, maybe even his grandmother. My first experience with a computer was in the 1980’s. I’m pretty sure that Alphonso cut his baby teeth sitting on his father’s lap at the keyboard. I know my grandson did. In fact, my two kids started using a computer in school before they reached their double digit age.

Alphonso and I had a lot in common, which was nice to discuss. We both discovered our artistic talents early in life, (around six). We both loved poetry and we started to think about becoming a writer in middle school. Our college education centered on business applications and advertising/marketing/promotion. But he had a leg up on me; he had an expansive working knowledge of computers.

Alphonso was speechless when he asked, “Do you have a smart phone?”

And I said, “No.”

“Do you have an Ipod – an Ipad?” and something else that I don’t remember.

“Um, no,” I said. “I have my desk computer workstation and a laptop. That’s it! However, I do use social media… Facebook, Twitter and I have a pretty good website. And oh, by the way, I blog every day if possible… at least 4-5 times a week. ”

“That’s great, Kay. You are building your brand. Once you get a substantial number of ‘followers’, you’ll see an increase in book sales too.”

My ears took notice, but I became troubled when he said, “Now make 30 video blogs.”

Alphonso lost me right there and then. “How do I accomplish this?” I asked.

“Easy as pie.” He said, “Sit in front of your desk computer and talk into the camera.”

So, he attempted to explain how simple this was to do and we swapped email addresses. Regardless, that we were generations apart, our commonality brought us together to share knowledge and ideas. He was in need of a good Proofreader/editor and I needed the encouragement that I could come out of my dinosaur cave and learn more about video-blogging.

Alphonso has a ninety day goal to have his Science Fiction short story finished and published. I promised to connect him with my proofreader/editor. I also pledged to work on my fear about how to video-blog. But until then, I will continue to find interesting things to write about and upload the written word to my website blog.

To answer my own question… can a dinosaur be taught

new tricks?internetjungle

I think so.

Best of luck to everyone who has a dream and a goal.

Happy Reading,

K. Lorraine

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