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So Long, It’s Been Good to Know You—

June 15th, 2017

So long, it’s been good to know you…

This blog might seem a bit morbid and gross, but precious and few are the moments we share. In my earlier blog, I wrote about what would you do when faced with your own mortality. If you haven’t read it, I encourage you to do so. The entire blog is on my webpage

By being mortal, we are susceptible to death by aging, sickness, injury, or wound. While immortal is not susceptible to death; living forever; never dying.

Mortal means we are human. A human is susceptible to death while immortal is one who is not susceptible to death.

Mortality, versus immortal is something we normally don’t think about. If we did, we surely would go insane.

I posted my earlier blog on FanStory. I’ve been rather overtaken by current events and I’ve not written anything lately. But, I thought it was a way to say, “So long, it’s been good to know you.”

The following are a few comments from some members who read my story. I’m humbled by their response.

aryr wrote:
This was beyond awesome. There are times when I think that it takes a brave person to write as you did. But then in your case it was brave, but more so it was truthful. Sometimes it is difficult to write about your losses or your faults if you have them. But it is also very rewarding. It allows your readers to see reality, to see your pain, to see your grief. I wish you luck with your treatment, I wish you happiness, I wish you the best. Thank you for sharing.

I knew four people who died from pancreatic cancer. May God walk with you through your journey. Comment Written 15-Jun-2017 by Phyllis Stewart

I read this with a lump in my throat. You are an amazing writer. And I take this opportunity to wish you happiness from the depth of my heart. Thank you for all the inspiration and may God bless you abundantly. Comment Written 14-Jun-2017 by Leena

Blessings to you, Lorraine. You are quite a lady and I enjoyed reading this post despite what you have shared. God leads us down our own private path and you are in my prayers. Marilyn. Comment Written 13-Jun-2017 by BeasPeas


I returned to my oncologist yesterday for the discussion about what to do next. The doctor showed us the film from my recent PET scan. The internal organs didn’t mean much to us at first. But when he pointed to the pancreas, my eyes opened wide.

The entire organ was shaded in gray, and a white half moon shape was visible. I thought the white spot was the tumor. The doctor’s eyes glazed over and he said, “I’m sorry dear. The gray is the tumor. And the white spot is the blood vessel.”

I gasped and commented, “It’s mammoth.”

I think you should get the picture…

The tumor measured 4.7 centimeters. And it is inoperable. The doctor said, “There is nothing that I can do. To put it bluntly, the reason you’re losing weight so rapidly is because of the tumor.”

The growth is an evil monster. It’s hungry. And it is consuming everything in sight. It is feeding on the nutrients from inside the body. It is depleting the blood cells. It is eating me alive from the inside out.

There isn’t any treatment plan that will save my life. I’ve been given three to six months to get my affairs in order.

No-one knows what God plans for us. He is the only one who knows the day of our birth and the day of our death.

The doctor has ordered home hospice care for me.

I’m asking that you keep me in your prayers. And please help me to reach my goal of 10,000 visits to my webpage. The counter is currently at 9,439.

So long, it’s been good to know you.

Happy reading,

K. Lorraine

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November 3rd, 2016

th_mickeyminniemousethankyouEd and I wanted to thank everyone who came together yesterday and made his 80th birthday special. It’s nice to know we have so many friends. Many of you from Sanford, Michigan did this out of your friendship for me. And it was nice to hear from our Florida friends. I hadn’t prepared a blog for this week because I needed a break. During Halloween week, I put together eight scary story blogs and I needed a breather.

I wrote this Fanstory story a year ago, and thought it might make a nice follow-up birthday blog.


I remember the day when I got a response from the newspaper personal column. I admit that I was skeptical about putting myself ‘out there,’ so to speak. I had gone through a rough divorce and it was an uncertain time in my life. August, 5 1991, was the date of the letter.

Dear Miss #3951

“Hi, my name is Ed and I read your singles only ad… thought I would reply.”

“In your ad you mentioned you had answered 12 ads with four telephone conversations. It sounds like maybe eight men may have made an error in judgement, not to snatch you up.”

“I’m serious about finding someone who I can share my life with. I’m a 54 year old man with average looks and I’m a non smoker. I’m divorced over seven years now. I’m an employed appliance service technician for a large company in Saginaw.”

“I like to dance, travel, and restore old cars. I like trying new things and I am looking for a special woman to meet. If you would like to talk, please call me at 000-000-0000 after six P.M. If I’m not home, please leave a message, your name and phone number on my answering machine and I’ll call you back.”

I hope to hear from you soon, Ed.

I read the letter several times and I thought about calling. I was hesitant because I had kissed a dozen frogs and so far, none had turned into a prince. But, after talking it over with a girlfriend, I thought, okay, I’d give it another try. This time, he might just be your prince charming.

I finally found the courage and looked past my insecurities. The phone rang several times and a woman answered. I wasn’t sure whether to hang up or leave my name and number. So I swallowed hard and left my message, just as a precaution that the woman was a daughter or the housekeeper.

“Hello, my name is Kay and I am returning a call from Ed. He will know who I am and what this is about. Will you please write my phone number down, it is 111-111-1111. Thank you, I appreciate it.”

She’ didn’t give me anything to go on. It was evident in her tone of voice, that I was a ‘female’ of interest to Ed. I waited several weeks for Ed to return my call. I admit, the phone call surprised me. I thought it was a lost cause.

I answered, “Hello, this is Kay.”

The man’s panicked voice said, “This is Ed. Please don’t hang up. I’m sorry that it has taken me so long to return your phone call. If you will listen, I do have an honest reason for the woman who answered my phone and the delay in getting back to you.”

“Okay,” I said, “But it better be good.”

“Kay, first let me explain about the woman. She was my former girlfriend who had stopped over to pick up some of her stuff that she left behind.”

My heart was pounding when I said, “Ed, it’s not okay if I’m wasting my time on a gigolo. It appears that this former woman has been a live in and maybe, she’s not on her way out. I think that perhaps, I should make my exit.”

“Please Kay, no, it’s not like that. I haven’t seen her in months. She just happened to choose the day that you called to pick up some things left behind when she moved out. I’m sorry that she answered instead of letting the machine pick up.”

“Okay, Ed, let’s say that I somewhat believe you. Tell me, why did you wait so long to call me? My girlfriend said that I should give you a chance before casting you aside. I might be wrong with my assumption, but I don’t think it’s funny to be trolling for a new partner.”

“Kay, I understand why you don’t trust me. I wouldn’t trust me either. But my old girlfriend didn’t write your phone number down correctly. I knew that I couldn’t find you in the phone book, because I didn’t have a name. I called the newspaper, but they weren’t cooperative. I finally convinced them that you called me and left your number, but the number I had wasn’t correct. When I mentioned that my former girlfriend had sabotaged me, the woman in the newspaper office became sympathetic. I swear, Kay, this is the truth.”

Ed called me several times over the course of about two weeks before I agreed to meet him. I chose an expensive restaurant. And the humorous tales of trial and error have continued since that night. We became engaged six months later and married almost on the date in August when we first met. I kept the letter all these years. It’s one of my most cherished mementos. We have been happily married for twenty-five years.

The following is the first of many poems that I wrote to Ed…

Secret Hideaway

I have a secret hideaway,
It’s tucked far away from view…
My inner self is happiest there,
And it can be reached only by you.

Happy day after birthday, Ed, and may God grant you many more.
Love, Kay

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Disappointment–It’s a word in our human dictionary.

September 30th, 2016


It’s a word in our human vocabulary

Disappointment is the feeling of dissatisfaction that follows the failure of expectations or hope. Similar to regret, it differs when a person feeling regret focuses primarily on the personal choices that contributed to a poor outcome, while a person feeling disappointment focuses on the outcome itself.

I don’t like to bring faith into my blogs because I think the belief in a supreme being is a matter of choice, and faith kind of goes hand-in-hand with believing in a higher power. Believer or non-believer, we’ve all felt disappointment when life goes wrong.

When our prayers aren’t answered as we desired and our dreams become shattered, disappointment is the natural result. In the face of trouble, our natural tendency is to complain. Unfortunately, griping to others tends to drive people away. Nobody wants to hang around a person who has a self-pitying, pessimistic outlook on life.

Disappointment is uncomfortable, complex and stirs up a lot of emotions. It can leave you at loose ends about what to do next. Disappointment is something that you want to quickly get over, but it most often just settles in at the back of your mind and nags away at you for a while.

Think about a child who is disappointed over something that is usually trivial. They throw a tantrum, stomp their feet and cry. Within a short period of time, they have not forgotten about the piece of candy in their heart desired, but they’ve moved onto something else.

An adult doesn’t get off the hook so easily. The grown-up in us (maturity) takes time to think about the emotional versus rational side of our feelings. We know that we should just get over it, but we try to take matters in our own hands and fix the disappointment.

Disappointment can flow to the core of your inner self. Open-heartedness is a core value. Having an open mind and being willing to accept the flaws of people, places, circumstances or just not getting our own way are also core values that we tend to sidebar and remember disappointment is a fact of life.

My sister and I have worked together for years blending our talents. As siblings often do, we tend to annoy one anothercompdisapoint and step on each others toes. Maturity is often thrown out the window and two bratty girls duke it out like hooligans. I have learned through trial and error is to speak my mind calmly and suggest that she get down off her high-horse so we can work out our differences.

Do I know disappointment? You bet, I do. Recently, I spent a few days in putting together book proposals to send out to several different book outlets, stores and places I general where I could promote my stories. I’m not a name dropper so I’ll stay generic in the ins and outs of my disappointment.

It can take up to three months to get a response from a query, invitation letter or book proposal. But, one of the replies came in a short two days. The letter was short and lacked professionalism. I’m going to “quote” the body of the letter.

“I am the manager of the gift shop at the _______. I am writing to let you know that we are not interested in selling your books at this time. If you would like to pick up your books we can keep them for you until you are able to get them. Thank you for thinking of our gift shop and good luck with all of your books.

It was through my husband quizzing the store manager for a valid reason that his wife’s books were rejected, he was told, “Although the content of the stories was good, our panel found a couple of grammatical errors and one punctuation misuse.”

My emotions ran high needless-to-say. A couple of grammatical errors—and one punctuation misuse. Who do they think they are? was my overall thought. Is there anyone perfect? I think NOT!

Case in point # one… I stewed over my disappointment for a while and even entertained the thought of trashing the six children’s books in question. But, just because one out of the many outlets I had contacted rejected my stories, did not mean that all of the other sources would follow suit. The books were not a failure and I wasn’t a failure either.

Case in point # two… I take my work (writing), seriously. I divide my time between research, illustrating, and putting pen to paper. My time to brainstorm comes during my; ha-ha, relaxing/TV watching and in my sleep. I do get a few moments in the morning when my head is clear—so-to-speak. I thought that I had a genius of an idea.

During reading some other writer’s blogs, I noticed that many authors indicated people loved FREE things. I had tried this concept by giving away chapter-and-verse, the complete story of a book I was writing. The response didn’t meet my expectations, however, I was pleased with the increased foot traffic to my blog.

Disappointed? Maybe a little because I got a false reading whether the book would sell well. And then I wondered why not one of my family or close friends thought to buy any of my books. Here’s where my level of disappointment increased.

“Quit your whining and bitching about our lack of concern. I think you need to look at this as more about you eliminating yourself from the mix, rather than you being excluded,” a sister wrote me.

A voice inside my head said, “Settle down and think about this rationally.” So, I did. That same voice asked, “Why do you think that the comment wasn’t the truth and why do you think they should buy your books?”

“Hmm, good question.” Reading other author’s books and writing my own stories was my passion. Just because I would buy their books if the tables were turned, or just because I would buy Girl Scout cookies from a niece… you get the point. My answer to this dilemma was to estrange myself from them—just as they’d seemingly alienated me from them.

Wrong about the bitching and whining! I did take a long walk in their shoes. So, I wasn’t interested in a sister’s garden and that she canned her own fruit and vegetables. I wasn’t interested in the golf activities of several family members. I most definitely wasn’t interested in any of the backwoods camping trips, or tree-tapping for honey. They had their own interests and I had mine, “And never the twain shall meet.” So-to-speak… but to send me such a humiliating and demeaning remark was uncalled for.

I guess I still have blinders on when it’s about my family. According to the lifetime movie channel, families were to be not only loving, but they were supposed to be supportive because that’s what families do.

In my family, we are still divided. I’m disgruntled; btw… I looked up the word disgruntled, and it also means disappointed. I think they, collectively, are peeved at me, but that’s my assumption, because we don’t talk. The family feud continues.

The following is along he same vein as what I previously wrote, but it was written by another author.

“I have ‘bunches’ of friends, so I am happy. But when I send out a notice for them to ‘like’ my page. I get my ‘new’ friends and not my old ones (plus some family) that tend to ignore the request. So, in the future when ‘they’ send me a request to like, to play a game (which I actually hate the games) I will just hit the ignore button as they did to me. Whoops, that is right, there is no ignore button. So yes, I am good. Yes, I am still writing. Yes, I am happy. And thank you for letting me rant. ”

I responded, “I hear you. It’s the same for me, only I applaud that you at least get a FB LIKE from some of your family. I think it is human nature and we can’t fight it.”

Case in point # three…

I decided that I was going to try the FREE stuff giveaway again. I’ve been talking with other authors and inviting them to be a guest blogger. Well, that’s like pulling teeth on a kicking horse. So, I thought, I’m kind-of a newbie writer and I’m always reaching out for help to jump-start my writing career, there must be a few amateur writers who would jump through fire or walk on a bed of hot coals to be a guest blogger. Since I still liked the contest idea, I wrote a few advertisements and posted the on social media.

The prize package was well rewarding for the writer’s time and talents. In fact, I offered first and second place prizes. The duration of the contest was two weeks and the entry rules were spelled out clearly. So far, no one has entered the contest.

Disappointed? Well, maybe a little because I’ve spent thousands of hours writing stories, poems, blogs and non-fiction prose. All in the name of entering a writing contest. I’ve not only won numerous first place wins, second place wins, honorable mentions, but I’ve gained a world of knowledge and experience in improving my writing skills.

If no one submits a contest blog, yes, it will be momentarily disappointing, but I look at a glass of water and say it is half full.

Disappointment is the feeling of dissatisfaction that follows the failure of expectations or hope.

Did I set my expectations high? Yes, I did and I’ve elevated them higher. It is human to expect life to offer us the best that it has to give.

Have I given up hope? Not on your life… I write with passion.

Where do I find hope? I find it all around me. I see the good in the people who surround me with love and support my writing. In my knowing and all giving/loving God. In my fan base. My heart is overjoyed when they share their feelings with me. In the passion I have for writing and the enjoyment that moves me ever forward to share it with others.

Disappointment… why bother sweating over the things you can’t change. It’s just there—it will always be there. And disappointment is a disappointment in and of itself. I think the ‘Jeckle side’ of me, (disappointment) was in full force today as I wrote my blog, and the ‘Hyde side’ of me (rational, adult), took the day off.owldisapoint

Thank you for spending a little time with me and reading my blog.

Happy Reading,
K. Lorraine


If you have a favorite newbie author, I encourage you to read about this person through their Facebook posts, Tweets, blogs, book cover blurbs—whatever means of written insights you can find about this author. You just might find yourself on the ground level of reading some pretty incredible stuff.

I’m following the struggling career of a new writer and the more I read, the more fascinated that I become. I’ll keep on watching…

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Where were you 9/11/2001?

September 12th, 2016


Do you remember where you were 15 years ago on 9/11/2001?th-4

My husband and I had flown into the Saginaw, Michigan airport a few days prior to 9/11/2001 to attend our son, Eric Michael’s wedding to Kellie. We were staying in Caro with Ed’s son Michael, our daughter-in-law Shelley and three year old grandson Jesse. The wedding was on Saturday, September 9th.

The day was beautiful and the wedding, as all weddings are – was lovely. We were to fly home to Ft. Myers, FL. September 14, but all air traffic was still grounded. Eric and Kellie were stranded in Las Vegas, where they had gone on their honeymoon.

There is no doubt that I would have remembered the week spent in mid-Michigan with family and friends, but because of the horrific act of terrorism that took place upon our country, I doubt there is any American who has forgotten where you were and what you were doing when the planes crashed into the New York Trade Center buildings.

May God continue to bless the souls lost 15 years ago on this day, 9/11/2001.

May God bless the families whose lives were changed and forever embrace them in his loving arms.

May God bless American today and every day until the end day of time.

May God bring peace to the world…


K. Lorraine

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UPSIDE DOWN Blog #1 A New Coffee Table Book by K. Lorraine

August 11th, 2016



All life is precious…

I imagine everyone knows the lyrics to the Twelve Days of Christmas. I’ve taken creative license and decided to use the song lyric, modified of course, as a basis to begin writing about my life. In this part of the story, I will write about the first four fragments of my life.

My parents made their marital home in Long Lake, Michigan. It was a small house that belonged to my mother’s brother, a CPA in Toledo, Ohio.

I am the second child in the birth order that grew in number to a total of nine of us. My life began in late October; the 25th day to be exact. I was the only child belonging  to Albert and Rita who was born at home. I was too young to know the difference, but, as the years passed, I learned of the freak snow storm that came about on the day when I decided it was time to see first handed what this thing called life was all about.                                                                      kaybabypiccolor

To write this chapter, I did an internet search to find some information about the snow storm that blanketed the Harrison area with the white stuff. I’ll paraphrase the story that I found. 1947 was a vintage year for weather, and not just a little bit, but a massive dose of meteorological events to break all previous records.

If I have the story straight, my aunt Anna, Mom’s sister, came to Michigan from Toledo to help out with the new baby. She would also be able to drive my very pregnant mother to the hospital in Clare if Dad was at work. I think the hospital was about thirty miles from Long Lake, and my dad’s job was at least sixty miles from where they were living.

Anna was able to walk the half mile to a corner gas station where the doctor was called. The roads were nearly impossible, but he said that he would try to get to the cottage in time to deliver the baby. The doctor eventually did arrive, but little did aunt Anna know that she was about to become a midwife.

It was a small lakefront cottage, that didn’t offer many modern conveniences. The small house had running water, but the facility of the time was an outhouse fifty yards away from the back door.

On the second day of my life, God had now sent Albert and Rita two children. I became a sister to an older brother, Jim.  Two years separated us in Mother Nature’s life-cycle plan. I only have stories from my family of the manifestations that I experienced in the first few years at the cottage.

The one story that I especially enjoyed hearing happened one summer day when I stepped off the end of the dock and plunged into the lake. I guess that I was about two years old, and Mom had taken Jim and me to wade in the shallow water along the shore.

So, it would seem that I wanted to test the water in greater complexity, and I submerged my entire body into four feet of water. I had broken loose from my mother’s grip, I ran the full length of the dock, and I basically walked off the end. The story concluded with Mom jumping into the water fully clothed, but to her surprise, I bobbed up to the surface and giggled as if I was a fish with her water wings.

I was a climber. I’ve been told that I loved to challenge my parents. I wasn’t content to sit on the floor and play with brother or toys. I defied the law of gravity and clambered my way to the counter top or bathed myself in the kitchen sink.

I was a child who didn’t crawl. I’ve seen pictures of me with one leg tucked beneath my bottom and I mopped the floor with my well padded bottom. I was nearing my second birthday when my parents noticed that I found ways to accomplish things different from my older sibling. It was off to the see the doctor to ascertain my malady.

The doctor agreed that I was afflicted with an undetermined disorder. I was tested for various conditions such as polio and a few additional Neuro-Muscular diseases known  about in the pre 1950’s. The only thing gained from the medical assessments, was that I needed eye glasses. The doctor suggested that my parents observe new or troubling symptoms and changes.

On the third year of my life, the stork dropped off a new bundle of joy wrapped in a pink blanket. Sibling number three, Marcia, joined the ranks in our rapidly growing family. She was two years younger than me, but at my age of going on three years old, life was just a blur.

My artistic prowess was discovered early in life, but it was in August, 2012 when I became a serious artist. Although art has been a passion of mine since my grandmother discovered this talent in me at seven years old, my appetite for drawing and painting continued through the decades that followed.


In the fall of 2012, I  was dying and the doctors didn’t know why. All I know was that my body had become so weak that I could hardly hold my head up straight. I was never considered a very large person, but soon, I weighed less than 100 pounds. I lived on chocolate ice cream mixed with milk and dried, boxed chicken noodle soup mix. My life was going sideways, and this was when miracle number one happened.

The Lord whispered in my ear and said, “Don’t fear; I hold you in my loving embrace. Your earthly life isn’t finished yet. I have given you a specific number of ideas and I want you to paint them.”

The number of images that I painted in a three month period was twelve. I believe that Jesus assigned the number twelve, because there were twelve apostles. I prayed and asked God the Father, How do You expect me to hold a pencil, or a paintbrush to accomplish this deed, when I can barely hold a spoon to feed myself?

His answer was, “Don’t worry child, rest your hand and arm on mine, and together we will triumph.”

The Lord provided me with an unusual technique to zealously sketch and enthusiastically capture the images from my mind’s eye onto the canvas. I actually rested my head on my drawing table and painted the renderings UP SIDE DOWN.

It was time for my annual office visit with the Oncologist. I told him that I felt my life was slipping away, and I explained the symptoms. He ordered some lab work and moved my office check-up appointment to an earlier date. My husband drove me to see the doctor.

I feared that I had a form of leukemia and I think the doctor suspected the same thing. However, he confirmed that the blood tests didn’t show any signs of cancer. But, the prognosis wasn’t good. “I don’t know exactly what is causing your health condition.” The doctor said.

Within a half hour, I had been admitted into the ICU. A team of six specialists tried every test in the medical books, and a logical cause for my condition couldn’t be found. I was literally on death’s door, when miracle number two happened unexpectedly.

The lead doctor explained that my blood was completely void of white and red blood cells. My potassium level was through the roof. Generally, the potassium will be on the low side. He said, “Your body is getting nourishment by eating itself from the inside out, and the only hope for survival was a blood transfusion.”

Hesitant and scared, I was given two pints of blood. And some bed rest topped off my prescription for a new lease on life. It is four years later and I still pray for the team of excellent doctors, and the blood donor who saved my life. And I thank Jesus for the opportunity to give back for the blessings and the special gift of artistic talent that He bequeathed me.

A life that was UPSIDE DOWN for half a year, was now upright. I have been married to a wonderful man named Ed for twenty-five years. We have a blended family of five adult children and six beautiful grandchildren. I have studied art all of my life and I have used my talent professionally and as a hobby.

I am currently expressing myself as an Author, but it’s been a vision of mine for several years, to use my artistic talent and my writing skills, and purpose them as the basis for a coffee table book. I have now turned my efforts back to God who has led me to amass my literary talents along with my artistic prowess  into a coffee table book titled: UPSIDE DOWN.

I’ve decided it was time to share the other side of my personality and showcase my artistic ability. The selections of images featured, are offered in various mediums.  All life is precious and valuable… What happens when an author with Spinal Muscular Atrophy falls ill and no one knows why? Read more about her life altering changes at  and find out what makes her story UPSIDE DOWN remarkable.

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The Artist in Me

July 21st, 2016

The Artist in Me

A continuation from an earlier blog…

Going back to our youth can be a special place to visit. If you read my blog dated 7/20/2016, you’ll remember that I had found a box filled with treasures. The previous piece was about my early days as a journalist for a small Mid-Michigan town. Well, there is another side of me that a lot of folks know about, but most of my blog audience has not learned yet.

I’d like to consider myself a student of the arts. There are many forms of art, but the two that I excel in are the fine arts (drawing and painting) in several different mediums and the other, obviously is writing.

I had continued my search to the bottom of the box and found a hard-sided notebook. The kind that we had when the baby boomers were in school. The type of notebook that had centerfold rings and push tabs at both ends, and when pressed, snapped the notepad open and closed, often pinching fingers in the process. Ouch! Remember those?

It was Christmas morning all over again as I leafed through the personal organizer. And to my surprise, I hit gold. Maybe not gold, to you, but it was a flash from my past. This brought a broad grin across my face from ear-to-ear, and tears formed in my eyes. I couldn’t wait to show my husband the pot of gold that I found.

Carefully guarded by the cellophane sleeves, were two pencil drawings. The first one was a classroom art project from 1960. I was thirteen years old and in the seventh grade. The assignment was a self portrait, sketched from a photograph. This drawing was worth a fortune to me. I felt like I was a famed pirate sailing the seven seas and I had just plundered a merchant ship and absconded with a fortune in booty. In a million and one years, I never guessed that this early portrayal of me had survived fifty-six years. I gave the original portrait— Title: “Blue eyed angel tugging on ear,”– a recent face lift by using Microsoft paint.kaybabypiccolor


So, I turned the page and I came face-to-face with another picture. This one was dated 1988. I was still living in Breckenridge with my family and decided to take an adult enrichment class. I was satisfying my need to write by using my skills as the volunteer editor for the Breckenridge District school newsletter.

I also dabbled in using my artistic skills and helped the art teacher. But I felt the need to be around adults, so I joined the adult education program and took an art class. One of the assignments was a portrait of someone that I knew, and the medium was charcoal pencil. I convinced my son, Eric to be my model subject, (title) ERIC. If my math is correct, he would have been twelve or thirteen years old and probably in the seventh grade. I say, “What goes around, comes around.”ericpencilart


The reason that I was so excited to find these drawings, is that my husband and I had gone through four Florida hurricanes in 2004. Sadly, I thought that I had lost all of my original artwork. Especially, my earlier work from elementary school through my college years.  The two portraits were not doodles for me, they were part of my identity and my soul.

I hope you enjoyed this snippet of my life and liked my unearthed treasure of childhood art.

Until next time,

Happy Reading,

K. Lorraine

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