March 19th, 2017
by KLorraine

The Dark Side of Being Different
(Beauty & the Beast)

Posted on Fanstory January 20, 2015

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I thought I’d change up this week’s blog up a bit.

The new movie Beauty and the Beast debuted in the theaters this weekend. “Despite her fears, Belle befriends the castle’s enchanted staff. And she learns to look beyond the Beast’s hideous exterior. She realizes the kind heart and soul of the true Prince within.”

This prompted me to delve into my archives. I remembered a short story that I had written. I found it. I thought you might enjoy my version of a take on Beauty of the Beast from 2015, Alien style.

Darkness protects us from seeing the things we would not rather see. She was gone and he needed to run or face a life of interment in the underground penal camps. They had taunted him mercilessly… He had no time to weep over his deceased mother’s body.

Oden, and his fellow aliens of Planet, Eco, were a race of giants. They weren’t particularly loathsome or terrible. They were gentle and didn’t commit atrocities, or torture innocent creatures. They didn’t try to lay claim over them in victory. They were noble, charming and indifferent. They had beautiful feral brown eyes and unruly brown hair.

Oden’s mother was an alien endowed with a mid section of enormous proportion. Her inherent absent-mindedness gave her a misfit quality. She was always in a hurry. Her large feet forced her clumsiness.

Azalia, Oden’s mother, fell hopelessly in love with Sprat. Sprat, unlike his wife, was a handsome Alien specimen. He was blessed with windswept chestnut hair that arched across his hairy forehead. His high cheekbones showed off his otherwise handsome face. His tall, slim build was deceptive. And the alien colony referred to the couple as unusual.

After their marriage, Azalia soon became pregnant. She gave birth to a defective one-eyed Alien boy. And his parents named him Oden. The alien colony ostracized the couple. Azalia had given birth to a displeasing child. He was hideous to look at.

In spite of the criticism, Sprat loved his wife and son. He did everything in his power to protect them from the harsh alien community where they lived.

As a child, Oden was violent. He used his uncontrollable nature against his peers. Azalia worked hard to teach Oden methods to help calm and control his behavior.

She read about how the Earth developed a means to tame children with behavioral problems. She believed in her love. She would find a way to protect him at all cost. She sought an appropriate environment to conquer the evil that possessed her child. She wanted to help Oden achieve inner peace.

Azalia was sure their problems would end if they moved to the Planet Earth. She said to Sprat, “My husband, our son is becoming excessively troubled. And this is causing him to lose more control. If we don’t act soon, we might lose him forever in the behavioral correction camps of the Aliens.”

Sprat answered, “Azalia, I know your desperation well. I want our son to be normal. And I sympathize with you. I understand it is your desire to make this happen, regardless of the costs. Wife, if it will help Oden, then we must move.”

He was different from his peers on Planet Eco. They had heard of the Earth’s catacombs beneath New York City.

The Planet Eco was a safe, clean and brilliant environment. The Planet’s World Leader created the embodiment of positive progressive growth. So, his parents saw fit to arrange for his transport from his home planet. And, Oden and his parents moved anyway. But, once settled on Earth, he knew he had to flee from there too, or he would perish.

They had moved to a place where the air was sour, the citizens were hungry and the water was putrid. Its citizens lived in surroundings covered in dust and filth.

Oden didn’t understand the meaning of a vision his mother had. She described a vision she had on the day of her death. She spoke of angels. She talked about the sounds of ethereal music with its beauty. She talked of vivid colors; a place filled with everlasting peace.

Oden knew the reason for his mother’s death. She had inhaled Earth’s stagnated air. It saddened him that he was now alone without his mother. Sprat couldn’t accept Azalia’s dying. He knew it was for the best to leave his son on Earth.

Sprat returned alone to his home Planet of Eco to mourn the death of his wife, Azalia.

Looking into the future seemed fruitless for Oden. He failed to see how this new World called Earth, would help him. He only saw that his life would end in death, caused by prolific diseases of microscopic bacteria. These tiny micro-orgasms lived in the wastewater of Planet Earth. He reasoned that humans had become immune to the abundant toxicity existing around them.

The earthlings told Oden, that his deformity was a punishment. The punishment was because of his parent’s prior acts. The humans called Oden a Cyclops, and they feared him because he was different.

This crushed Oden’s heart. Love was the reason behind his birth. He now realized that the beauty of love would never belong to him. The humans banished him to live his life in the sewers under New York City.

For the first time in his meager existence, Oden was cognizant of his deformity. It was a disgrace that he could no longer ignore. His wrath, hatred, despair, and anger brought forth a thousand lightning flashes. A horrid light radiated from his eye.

He used the power bestowed by his departed mother. It was a gift of her love. She left him with the power to remove the disease and pestilence from the Earth’s air and oceans. The release of the epic energy calmed his violence and his broken heart began to mend. In an instant, he absolved humanity of their stupidity. He forgave them for decimating the rain forests and depleting the world’s natural resources.

With this forgiveness, Oden was no longer a pathetic and lonely Cyclops. He forgave them for the chaos and the annihilation of the world’s oxygen.

But, in doing so, he no longer had any power. He lost the ability to free himself from the anguish of a heart that discovered brokenness.

Scion, a beautiful street dancer from Planet Eco had come to Earth.

“Go Scion. Go to Earth and do what you can to help my son.” Sprat said.

She was in awe of Oden’s reverence and humility. It was her job to show him all the excitement and wonderment of the world above, through her eyes.

“Oden, your father sent me from our planet to show you the beauty of love.”

But she was too late. Oden had already made up his mind. The hope that once lived in his was gone. His heart now only saw bitterness and failure.

She saw Oden pull his knife from his belt.

“Stop, Oden, don’t do this.”

But, her words were in vain. His full lips quivered. His chest heaved starving for air to fill his lungs. And his thoughts were drowning him. He thrust the knife into his heart. Scion’s voice went unheard, and Oden fell to the ground.

Scion rushed to his side. She offered him a drop of water. But from that orb which had been so dry, a big tear fell and moistened the earth.

She cradled the dead mutant’s head in her lap. She closed his one eye and said, “Oden, your father sent me to return you to your native world. Your purpose was to open the eyes of the citizens to your bravery and heroism. But on earth, they still hide in the darkness with closed eyes. They avoid from seeing the things they would not rather see.”

Scion accompanied Oden’s body from the underground catacombs of New York City. An intergalactic shuttle was waiting for him in the shadows of the skyscrapers. The magnificent spaceship carried Oden’s lifeless body home to a hero’s welcome.

He had abolished his hatred and turned it into a selfless act. He had given his life in the hope of saving humanity.

Planet Earth was a dying planet that once mirrored his beloved homeland. But the earthlings still were blind to the dark side of being different.

At his memorial service, Scion elaborated in her eulogy. “The gentle Cyclops left his home planet as an outcast. But, he has now come home to his native world. We recognize that Oden deserves praise for his humanitarian service. He needlessly lost his life in another world. All because, humans failed to see his inner beauty over his external beast.

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