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August 15th, 2016
by KLorraine


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UPSIDE DOWN Coffee table book

Blog # 4

Please join us today as we experience the calm and the turbulent waters of the sea…

A selection from the book, ‘Poetry in Motion.’

Hawaii Love

The life of an island

Hawaii tells her story of life through her beauty and culture. The islands are an untouched paradise on earth. She humbly and gracefully shares her gifts without demands.

Exceptional Contest Win


Hawaii is where the Earth meets the Sea

Where clouds won’t hide the sun from viewing me

The blue skies of Hawaii smile,

For my land is fertile.

The waters of the Ocean

Flow naturally.

Like the birds in the sky

The God Pele’ belongs with me.

I’ll be here forever in a day…

Her grass skirt said as it swayed.

As the ukulele played,

I felt my love would not go astray.

The stars might leave the sky

As volcanic dust travels on the wind

Inclined to misalign mankind

And cloud the unconscious mind.

But her heart is always true…

She is a never-ending fountain of love,

A Hawaiian song of Love for you…

Seven Sails



K. Lorraine

abstract sails (1)

I was commissioned to do three acrylic paintings and the theme was sailboats. The first painting was to be a sofa size image and the other two were to be on smaller canvases. The next two pages will feature the remaining two commissioned pictures. This painting – Seven Sails, became the book cover for the 2016 Amazon best seller book, ‘Poetry in Motion’.

The owner, Eric Krafft, has given his permission to use the art.

Sailboats on Water


By K. Lorraine

paint summer sailing

Rough Water



K. Lorraine

Rough Water


I feel blessed to have found the courage to try different things. I’ve set my goals high, but without God’s inspiration and leadership, I doubt that I would have done anything. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to use my weblog as a platform to stage my art, and I hope that you enjoyed the descriptive passages that go along with each rendering. UPSIDE DOWN is available FREE on my website

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