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August 19th, 2016
by KLorraine


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K. Lorraine Blog – 6

 I was inspired to paint this piece while we lived in N. Ft. Myers, Florida. ‘Mermaid,’ is one of the twelve upside down paintings that I did while I was ill. It has become my husband’s personal favorite, and it hangs proudly in my home art gallery room.

After reading the following comment this morning from Jennifer Blanchard, I knew exactly what she was talking about. I had been working on several projects, but the timing didn’t seem right to get any of them ready for circulation.

So, to recap, that’s when I started to pull together my thoughts about the coffee table book I’ve wanted to do for many years. I knew that I couldn’t afford to publish the expansive book, so I decided in order to clear my plate… I would give the contents of my dream away FREE.

Jennifer wrote, “There’s a difference between stepping out of your comfort zone on something you know you’re meant to be doing… and forcing yourself to do something that’s not really in alignment with who you are.”

Louise Stone was my lucky charm, when I wrote the blog, “This one’s for you.” She’s brought a lot of foot traffic to my website to read the full blog. I’ve put years of blood, sweat and tears into doing everything that I wanted to include in the book UPSIDE DOWN.

I compare this book to a marriage. I promised that I would stay the course through thick and thin to finish this book and get it published. I’ve come to realize that I can’t do it all – accomplish everything I’d hope to complete before my end day. But, by freely opening my art world to all who wished to see this side of me, I have succeeded. I’ve crossed another ‘want to’ off my bucket list.

Regardless that I’m not a famous, well known author, I am good with words. I’m okay with a paint brush and I’m okay with me. I’ve enjoyed every day that has brought me closer to the realization I’ve grown into the person whom God made me to be.  If He wanted me to be a super Brainiac with untold talent, I’d be this person.

I’m satisfied with having a few books in stores and libraries. I’m satisfied to have published numerous books that pay an occasional royalty. It’s never really been about the money. The IT has always been about using my God given blessing to entertain others, and that folks, brings joy to me.

Today, I invite you to into my home art gallery to view another of the ‘original’ upside down paintings. I’m also adding a bonus short story that I think complements the painting. From my home to your computer, I hope you enjoy.

The Misty Mermaid… A contest entry that blends real-life events and mystical phenomena. The contest prompt sentence started with The last time I saw Charlie was…

Mermaids sometimes sing to people and enchant them, distracting them, causing them to walk off the deck of their ships and drown in the sea. Other stories depict them squeezing the life out of drowning men and carrying humans down to their underwater kingdoms.A mermaid is a mythological creature with a female human head and upper body and the tail of a fish.

The last time I saw Charlie was when one kiss led to another and another; each one more intense. Charlie kissed my neck and his mouth lightly touched my earlobe. His dreams were filled with the vision of me, and he could not rid me from his heart or sex starved body. And now, it seemed surreal, that he was dead.

I lovingly smiled, remembering his beautiful face. It was a strong face browned from the sun. His body was hardened and firm. His dark blonde hair was kissed by the first streaks of morning sunlight, as was his facial hair. Charlie was aging, but he was still a sexy and virile man, and there was a seductive aura around his being.

We had once been two lovers in the throes of unencumbered passion soaring free. It was a true love, but ours was a love not made of truth. I loved Charlie too much and it would have broken his heart if I had chosen to marry him. Charlie could not free his mind from the distrust of why I refused to marry him. I needed a man and Charlie was simply a drunken seafaring recluse. The imagery of me foreshadowed his thoughts and love is not true if it is not returned.

Charlie had been alone on his boat for a lengthy stretch of time. This loneliness began to create a separation of mind from body and delusions became a normal part the day. His tongue salivated for a taste of alcohol, but there was nary a drop left aboard Charlie’s boat.

Time wasn’t a luxury for him; it was merely an inconvenience to him. When he ran short of supplies, and had completely run out of booze, he would lift anchor. He would then retrace the nautical chart back to the nearest port where he spent the next few days on an endless drunk in a backwater bar.

So he substituted me with alcohol and the constant companionship of a ‘Siren’. She was a beautiful woman that lived on the large rocks far out at sea. Her name was Peisinoe, Portuguese, meaning ‘Mind Persuader’. She had the most exquisite singing voice and she sang beautiful songs with the magical power to lure men to her. She was a seductive and alluring mermaid.

Her music was whimsical twinged with sad and seductive notes that rolled off the waves caused by Charlie’s boat. The lyrics of her song said that she was a virgin who refused to court with sailing men. Peisinoe was a beautiful sea nymph who was keeping her virginity and waiting for the right sea worthy man. Charlie volunteered to hear her song, whilst tied to the ship’s mast.

Charlie’s delirium progressed to the point where he habitually saw the half-naked – part fish, part woman, as she rode on the back of a porpoise that swam close to his boat. He was aware that she was a mythical creature, but the beauty surrounding him remained unseen, until one morning he awoke to the sounds of hundreds of seagulls. Charlie had not seen any dolphin or seagulls for days and now he could hear birds everywhere. He wasn’t sure whether it was real or a delusion of the sea mist.

Though the fog disappeared; in the distance, was land. While alone at sea, Charlie felt he had partaken in something spiritual. His windswept boat eagerly sought the distant harbor. In the silence of his journey, he faced his greatest fear of life and that was being alone without a partner. And now, the air was fresh. The loneliness started to fade from his mind and heart. He began to feel a new freedom and a new hope seemed to fare in his future.

At last he was free to explore the crystal depths at the ocean’s bottom with the mermaid born of the sea. She had resonated with him and he could no longer deny the allure of the bare breasted goddess with the tempting tresses. She was the ultimate tease who was no longer sexually unattainable. She was a two-tailed beauty who parted her tail and revealed her female secret.

Peisinoe epitomized the power to move between the worlds beneath the fathoms of the deepest oceans and she was willing to show Charlie how she was a pleasure seeking playmate. Her motions were careful and precise. With a hauntingly serene expression upon her face, the music subsided and she was completely nude. Her eyes darkened and Charlie saw the foaming green sea in them. She held him spellbound, his chest heaved with exhilarated breaths and then it was over. Peisinoe’s beautiful voice lured Charlie to step from the deck of his boat and fall to his watery death.

Charlie had lived a life among the land-dwellers, but now there was something he had never seen before. He had deceived himself about the fantasy of the underwater world. Leaving with the Misty Mermaid took him far beyond anything he could have imagined, but he now knew that he had done the right thing.

Thank you for stopping by today. Until next time,

Happy Reading, K. Lorraine

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  • KLorraine says:

    Comments from my readers.

    “I love the picture of the mermaid. The story line, maybe not my style, but very well written.”

    Thank you for your feedback… I appreciate it. K. Lorraine

    “Perhaps you are blogging too much about the stories behind the art in UPSIDE DOWN.”

    Thank you for your comment. I’d love to get more feedback about whether you LIKE the subject of my recent blog, or have you grown tired of it? I’ll continue with more art and stories, or I will STOP and move onto something else. You, my reading audience, are in the driver’s seat. But, I do appreciate the few comments that you have sent. Thank you and Happy Reading… K. Lorraine

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