March 13th, 2017
by KLorraine

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My casual at home attire.

March 13, 2017

Author’s Message:

Disability has no boundaries. Creativity and imagination come from the mind, not of the limbs. Anything is possible. 


Creativity, talent, artist+ disability = Handicapable.

I wrote up a whole page of notes before I started this week’s blog.  This blog is about a NEW blog where people with physical challenges can learn new things. It’s also a place where you can share your stories. This webpage is not for political or religious views. It is a website for social fun. It’s also just in the planning stage.

But, I’m excited about it. It’s taken me a long time to get to the place where I could share my own disability. I’ve never wanted people to feel sorry for me. But even though I’m in my 60’s, I still get people who come up and hug me. Or, they lay a hand on my shoulder and with their puppy dog eyes say, “Oh, you poor dear.”

This situation happened to me the other day in the supermarket. I was polite to the woman. I showed my pearly whites in a big, bright smile, and said, “God Bless you too. But let me share with you that I’m a successful woman who is a published author. I’m an artist, a wife and a mother. I’m a college graduate and I was the Director of a nonprofit for several years until I retired. And, oh, I have an exceptionally high I.Q.”

I smiled again and said, “Have a nice day.”

Needless to-say, her jaw hit the floor.

I don’t spend my days planning a ‘pity party.’ I do spend some days, though, planning a house party with friends.

So, I thought, maybe the time was right to write my weekly blog about people with disabilities. I know that my calling and purpose in the world is to inspire, motivate, educate and empower. And that’s what I hope reading this blog will do.

I am a creator who wants to change the way people think. And I want to challenge those with a disability to read this blog. This blog is also a makeshift poll to get an idea if it’s something that’s needed. 

I’ve challenged myself to do what matters to me. But I need to do first things first—before I let the rest of the world in. And now it’s the weekend. I could skip the weekend and not write. It’s a gorgeous day here. The temperature is in the 80’s. But, writers don’t get to take days off. And I write a weekly blog that comes out on Monday. I feel like this is a nudge from the Universe for you to jump into the challenge and write a comment. You can instant message me on Facebook, or email me at punken1947@live.com.

Here’s the thing—a writer can’t separate herself from an idea. Because I’m the idea. It’s me and me alone.  My idea is to have a website where you can come. You can read what others write about.  After all, they might have similar problems. You can get information that might be just what you are looking for. You can also share your thoughts and experiences as a person with a disability.

I’ve researched this idea. There are websites dealing with products and services. But, I didn’t find anyplace like the one I have in mind. When I first started out online in 2011, I just had a blog. It was simple, but I did gain hundreds and even thousands who read it.

Back then,  I was struggling with just doing the writing. But I kept going. Years later, my computer guru, Jeannie, and I got together and created the K. Lorraine website.

And then I realized that I wanted to be a successful fiction book author.  I spent years on writing and publishing books. I’ve spent over six years in promoting my brand. I’m proud of myself for the ground I’ve covered over the years. It’s been a lot of work for little pay.

I wrote my New Year’s Resolution and posted them in the January blog. I was excited and wanted to take action in this new year. But here’s the thing—I’m me. Which means everything that I create, every idea I have, everything I write… that’s all me.

It’s the first part of March and I’m so close to meeting a few of my resolutions. But, I’m a multi-passionate writer. I’m a big-dreamer and believer in magic… I’ve always been. And my words are my legacy. I’m a believer that I CAN do all the things I have planned to do this year.

And that clarity forced me to see what I wanted to do. I want to have an impact on the world. I’m a writer, and it’s inbred in me. But now, I’m allowing myself to let out that other side of me. I want to inspire, motivate, educate and empower you. I’m a person with a disability and I’m proud of my accomplishments.

THAT is what I’m here to do… So that’s what I’m going to do. I hope with the help of Jeannie, a computer whiz, we can create another dream that I have. Before I hang up my computer, I’m going to be the writer and author I want to be.

And I’m going to write about it. I’m going to share my thoughts on it. I want to blog about the things I’ve learned living a life using a mobility device. I hope that my new blog will inspire, motivate and empower you to create your own version of your dream life.

Now this isn’t unlike most of what I’m already doing. It’s just now I’ll be doing it with a new vision and purpose.  I’m finally giving myself permission to cut back on the stories I write.

I want to focus more on my blogging. I want to focus on the artistic side of me. I’ve always loved fashion and design. And now, I want to share the Fashionista in me with you.

I don’t know if you realize that as age sets in, my disability becomes more challenging.  I’ve spent years of searching the world for fashion ideas that work for a seated lifestyle. I even rolled down the runway, modeling fashions that I designed. Simply because off-the-rack clothes just didn’t ‘cut it’.

There’s no point in waiting. I know the type of writer that I want to base my legacy on. I know disability. I know how to shop on a budget. I know where to find on-line trendy fashions. I know how to be comfortable at home, and I know how to be comfortable in the workplace.  I know how to be fashionable regardless that I have a physical disability.

The truth is, I’d never be ready to make this leap. Invest in the course, or step into the work is my heart’s desire to do in the world. So that’s why I have to just jump, right now.

Tomorrow is never guaranteed. All anyone has is right now. And right now, is the time that seems right for me. I’ve given myself the permission to go for it, and trust that what I feel inside is real.

It’s time to go after my dreams. So, please respond to my blog/poll and give me your thoughts about the upcoming new blog called “No shoes required.”

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MY FIRST BLOG EVER….March 1, 2011

March 6th, 2017
by KLorraine

A blog from 2011

I found this interesting.

Yesterday, March, 3, 2017, Facebook notified me about my anniversary date. I had been a FB member for six years. Six years… that didn’t seem possible. So I thought, ‘Voila,’ here’s my blog for the week of March, 6, 2017.

March 1, 2011

My First Blog Ever… 

Welcome to K. Lorraine Books,

This is my first blog, and I’m finding it one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done. My editor and publisher, told me that I needed to embrace technology.

She said, “I want you to write a blog.”

I asked, “What’s a blog?”

So, I looked up the word, ‘blog.’ The Webster Dictionary said, “It’s to write about (an event, situation, topic, etc.)”
I thought, Okay, I can do this…

Blogging was an amazing way to communicate with people all over the world. I’m a writer, and I need for my artistic work to spread around the world. I needed to get readers to follow me. I needed my name to become known as a storyteller. I needed to build my ‘Brand.

This was new to me. After all, I was now a retired Director of a nonprofit organization. I did my fair share of writing, but it was grant writing that I did .I had been writing fiction stories for many years. But, I never published. I’d started writing by putting pen to paper in the 1960’s when I was in high school. I soon learned how to use an electric portable typewriter. I thought, What amazing technology!

A short time later, the computer became my tool for writing. And this became the new-fangled way to replace both dinosaurs… Me and the typewriter.

Again, with the ‘Wow,’ but I imagine by now, you are thinking, she must be really old!


It’s hard to believe that I now write a weekly blog…. Who would have ever thought that technology would bring a seasoned 1960’s writer thus far?

I opened my mind to blogging. It’s connected me to the digital age. It became a quick way to inform my upcoming fans about my stories. The blog was a free way for me to promote my books. I’ve been able to use my blog to answer your questions. You just needed to click on the comment link at the end of the blog to leave a remark or to ask a question.

I’ve come to learn blogging was a twenty-first century way to introduce a young audience to an old timer. By the way, I figure this has also made me a pretty neat chick.

The most exciting part about this is, I’ve been able to keep you updated with my latest work. You are able to read a tickler about a romance or mystery story that will be out soon. In my blogs, I inform you about new FREE stories available in the K. Lorraine Reading Room. http://klorraine.com. By the way, there are two books FREE available for your reading enjoyment.

But, I hope that you enjoy reading the variety of topics I write about. I’ve come a long way, ‘baby,’ in the past six years. I actually know what building my ‘Brand,’ means. And, I’m so grateful for the many new Cyber friends who follow me on Social Media sites. And don’t forget, they also buy my books.

I use several formats to write my books. These include: short stories ,and novellas, and also novel length books. I may even offer a coupon code that you could get a “discount” on one of my books before it appears on the bookstore shelf. After all, who doesn’t love a good book and a great bargain.

My first publication was a fun, light-sexy, life-altering short story. Here is an excerpt to get your curiosity piqued. Next Generation: Love in Silence. Enjoy!

Juke needed to satisfy his curiosity about earthlings. Sonoma wanted to know about what kind of a relationship she could have. She was human and Juke was an extraterrestrial.

Humanity crossed a threshold and romantic tension grew when the two fell in love. Juke was ambivalent to staying on Earth. And Sonoma decided that leaving Earth could expand her mental ability. She could evolve beyond her wildest expectations.

The book, Next Generation: Love in Silence, is a short story based on Romeo and Juliette. It is still available for purchase.

So, I ask you, please follow my blog and return often. My books are available in e-book format at the Amazon Kindle store. And paperback at Createspace.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Comments and reviews are always welcome.

Alien Hugs,

K. Lorraine

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March 1st, 2017
by KLorraine

BLOG Wednesday, March 1, 2017                                                                
A new book to read…
FREE at http://klorraine.com

Book #2 is now available in the Reading Room. Read the full story now!

‘Dark Secret’, is the first story taken from the Mia Perez Me-Time stories.

This book contains adult language and sex scenes.

Genre: Adult fiction, romance, medical, inspirational, family life

My name is Mia Perez and this is my story.

Dr. Robert Chase was at the top of his game as a world class neurosurgeon. And then, a beautiful Brazilian Beauty Pageant winner enters his operating theater.

Regardless that there is a vast age difference, Dr. Chase is bewitched by his lovely patient. And she becomes intimate with her older doctor.

“I don’t care which one of us is the biological father to this baby”, the doctor said. “All I know is that I love you and I will love this child as my own”.

Read how Mia Perez learned to face adversity and challenges with determination and humor.

Next week’s blog will be more about the Mia Perez series of stories FREE in the Reading Room.

Coming soon to the Reading Room… the next story in the life of Mia Perez.

‘He Took my Child’.

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The K.Lorraine Reading Room announces Book #2—-Dark Secret

February 20th, 2017
by KLorraine

The K. Lorraine Reading Room announces book #2 – Dark Secret

The Reading Room book #2, will hit the shelf during the first week of March. Thus far, the K. Lorraine website has had 8,951 visits. This is quite an accomplishment.

Those who have stopped by to say hello, have found many interesting areas to read. Today, I’ve chosen to write about the Reading Room, since it is the newest part of the webpage.

The Mia Perez Series is blazing a trail across the globe. The stand alone books are HOT… so, why am I giving the books away one-by-one, you might ask?

The answer is simple. It’s getting more people to read them. It’s called a ‘marketing strategy’. I plan to get you hooked on the Mia Perez stand alone stories.

Once you start reading the first book, ‘Dark Secret’, in the Reading Room, you will want to come back and read the next book in the series.

In the original Mia Perez series, 2014, Unethical Doctor is the title of book one. But, because the series is still available for purchase, I needed to change the name and book cover. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to give it away FREE in The Reading Room.

Warning… Rated R. Adult content, Language


Reviews written about Unethical Doctor… This was such an intriguing story and romantically awesome!! I have to imagine that a doctor and patient relationships isn’t uncommon. I had many melancholy for Mia being traumatized by such a fatal accident resulting in permanent spinal paralysis and due to her affliction, it was still quite a devastating circumstance to accept. I could understand her feelings of how unfair life can be sometimes, the fear as well as the enmity of once having useful working limbs to suddenly being impaired. It’s a blessing she survived such a tragic incident and due to her extensive career as well as for the affectionate attraction of her doctor all was not lost, in fact, I think she gained something very beautiful… Love! I truly enjoyed your story, it kept glued to the very end! Comment written 12-Sep-2014

A well written story that has a good flow, making it a very enjoyable read. The descriptions were also well written and gave a real feel for the crash scene and the hospital. Just enough to imagine without being too much. I also liked the dialogue, which seemed very natural. Comment Written 31-Aug-2014
This is very well written, mystery writer, you did an excellent job writing this story about the patient and doctor who fell for each other, during her recovery. I enjoyed reading it.
Comment Written 31-Aug-2014

My strategy is that you’ll like everything about book ONE, ‘Dark Secret’, that you won’t want to wait month-after-month to read the entire five books.

Mia Perez was lucky to be alive after making it through a near fatal accident. She was placed in an induced coma by the Chief of Neurosurgery, Dr. Robert Chase.

When Mia awoke from her coma, the first person she saw was a very attractive man. But she was unaware it was the doctor who saved her life. Dr. Chase’s failing marriage opened the door to unethically begin competing for his young patient’s affections.

Dr. Chase manipulates ways of sexually arousing Mia Perez. He takes her to the depths of her subconscious where she had never gone before. Mia begins to wonder if Dr. Chase made love to her for research as a doctor, or from his heart as a man.

Dr. Jayne Anne White, psychologist, cautions the doctor that his patient is focused on her insatiable needs to please men. She has difficulty in learning how to adapt to the realities of paraplegia.

For Mia Perez to survive her post- injury depression, Dr. White realizes she would need to spend a great deal of time with her patient. But would Mia ever find the love she desired? And when does a gentle touch, turn into rape?


I’ve talked about the book ‘Overcoming’, before. Although the Original book was good, I felt that I could improve it. Since the book Overcoming first came out in 2012, I’ve found a grammar check software. The editing software has made the re-writing task easier.

I also learned that most readers didn’t want to invest a lot of time reading a novel.

So, I dismantled the original Overcoming novel into five sections. The story was rewritten and became the Mia Perez five book Series.

In the earlier book, Overcoming, Giovanna Valdez was the protagonist.
Overcoming then became a five book series, The Mia Perez Perez stories.

In the 2017 revised book, ‘BROKEN’, Crisis of Faith, I kept the protagonist’s as name, Mia Perez. I reassembled the five books and joined them together. I’ve given the book new cover art in order to give the five book series a facelift.

‘BROKEN, Crisis of Faith, is a compilation of the five Mia Perez series. So, it is once again, a full length novel. The new novel will release in March, 2017, on Amazon Kindle… in the E-book store.

I still think the original story was a good book and deserves to return to its original venue of a full length novel.

As the author, I wouldn’t dissuade you from reading the original book. But the five stand alone stories are rewritten to improve the novel.

In the revised books, the storyline hasn’t changed. The new version has a slight plot twist. All-in-all, whichever version you choose, the book is the same.


In conclusion, I hope that you will return to the Reading Room in March. Regardless, if you don’t want to read the entire five Mia Perez stories, ‘Dark Secret’, will give you insight. Life is not easy as a person with a disability.

Until next time…

Happy Reading!
K. Lorraine

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February 14th, 2017
by KLorraine

A valentine day of love

It was a typical blustery, cold and windy February 14th Valentine Day on the Long Island Sound. The family lived three miles from the river. It was forty miles from one of the world’s largest naval bases in the world.

Mitchell was a U.S. Navy pilot fighter. He was in Kandahar, Afghanistan in the southern part of the country near Pakistan. Mitchell had lived a bottled-up, buttoned down life for too long. Mitch was gone for months at a time. Adele never knew where her husband was at, because of his special military work assignments.

His tour of duty was coming to an end and he had decided not to re-enlist. He had given his life to his country for three tours of duty. God had embraced him in his loving arms and had kept him safe. Mitchell Wallace was on his way home to be with his wife and daughter. This time, he would stay at home for good.

Mitchell’s plane landed at La Guardia airport. He gathered his gear and hailed a cab. Separated for over two years, his excitement grew that he would soon be home with his family.

He stopped along the way to buy two dozen red roses; a dozen for each of his special Valentine girls. He loved doting on them and showering them with surprises.

Mitch walked to the front door and rang the doorbell. A household servant opened it. An element of surprise lit upher face. He put a finger to his lips. “Shh’ was the sound he made.

The woman whispered, “Mr. Wallace, welcome home, my goodness welcome home! Mrs. Wallace will be so happy to see you”.

Mitchell said, “Mrs. Dobbs, I want to surprise Adele and Jacqueline. Where are my girls”?, he asked…the servant answered, “I believe, the missus is in the drawing room, sir”.

Mitch walked through the large entry hall. The exquisite drawing room of his father-in-law’s home is where he found his wife and daughter. He promised to keep his daughter and granddaughter safe while Mitch was away.

Mitch tried to speak, but his voice cracked. “Happy Valentine’s Day, special girls”.

In surprise at hearing Mitchell’s voice, Adele looked up from her magazine. Jacqueline jumped to her feet, exclaiming in delight, “Daddy, you’ve come home. I’m so happy you’re home”!

He stood frozen in time. It was a moment when the past and present collided. His emotions ran high. And his eyes welled with tears.

“Princess, these are for you”.

Mitchell tried to hug her without crushing the roses. Jacqueline took the flowers, smelled them, and said, “Daddy, they are so beautiful. I love them and I love you so much”.

“Princess, why do I see such a long, face”? Her father asked?

“Daddy, it’s Valentine’s Day and I don’t have a gift for you”.

“Princess, you are the greatest Valentine gift. I need nothing more. Besides Jacqueline, you didn’t know I was coming home”. She hugged him and ran off giggling, “I’ll be right back daddy, I do have something to give you”.

She ran off to show Mrs. Dobbs what her father brought her for Valentine Day.

Adele was quiet and waited for her wonderful husband to come to her. Mitchell walked over to Adele, took her hand and she stood up. Mitch tossed the bouquet of roses aside and pulled her into his arms.

It had been too long since he had held Adele in his arms or kissed her. Their lips met in moist, sweet splendor. Mitchell held his wife in his loving embrace.

“Your kiss is like the petals on a rose; sweet and everlasting. I fear my heart will stop beating. It seems that I’m living a dream. I fear that if I open my eyes, you will be gone. But alas my love, it is you”.

Jacqueline stood in silence, watching her mom and dad in an embrace of such love. Her father’s poetic verse was romantic and lovely. Jacqueline hoped that she would one day find a prince to love her in the way that her parents loved each other.

She interrupted their tender reunion. She danced about in anticipation. “Daddy, I have painted many canvasses since you were away, but this one is a special one. It’s my Valentine gift to you”.

Mrs. Dobbs said I should give you this painting. With pride, she handed it to him.

When Mitchell saw the artwork, his heart almost stopped beating. There was an artistic genius in Jacqueline’s painting. The picture took his breath away. He hadn’t seen it several years.

“Jacqueline, the words to describe this masterpiece escape me. I’ve never had any difficulty in expressing my feelings before. But Princess, your painting is lovelier than the Mona Lisa. Your painting is like a melody to a great Concerto.

It’s as beautiful as the finest bone china. It’s as lovely as God’s angels. I’ve not seen anything more beautiful, even hanging in the Louvre”.

Jacqueline was proud of her art. It was her heart’s desire to paint forever. Sometimes she couldn’t find anything in her mind to paint. When this happened, her mother said, “Jacqueline, reach out to your father. He might be far away, but he is wise, and he will guide you”.

Jacquee remembered what her mother said, and she reached out for his guidance.

“Daddy, the desire to paint is in my heart, but so often I can’t find anything there. Why daddy? Why am I so different”?

Mitchell could feel her confusion. And he seemed lost at how to answer her question of dismay.

“Princess, you have a special gift. I’ve known this from the moment I saw the little pencil drawing. You gave it to me for my birthday. I’m not sure that you remember it because you were five years old. I can only say it is a gift from God. You are a gift from God”.

“I do remember the painting. I painted a picture of you, mommy and me”.

“That’s right, sweetheart. I think maybe it’s time for me to take some of your paintings in the city. I want to show them to experts who can help explain your amazing talent”.

Mitchell could see the anguish disappear from her face . Later that night, Mitch and Adele shared long awaited tender moments. Mitchell recited words of compassionate desire to her. Words she had waited so long to hear.

“I am hypnotized by your seductive glances that come my way. Your body is tempestuous as a violent storm upon the sea. I can find no words to describe the song my heart sings. I can only proclaim my love for you”.

Mitchell reached under his pillow and opened a red velvet box. He then placed a beautiful diamond bracelet around Adele’s wrist.

“Darling, I’ve waited a lifetime to lay here in silence beside you. I prayed to God every night to keep me safe so I could come home to you. Will you be my Valentine for life and into eternity”?

“Yes, my darling husband, I will love you throughout life and into many tomorrows. I too prayed every night that God would keep you safe while in the perils of war. My arms ached to hold your warm body next to mine”.

Although this story is fiction, one can only imagine how true it could be.

Happy Valentine Day and may love fill your heart with happiness.
Happiness is LOVE…
K. Lorraine

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February 6th, 2017
by KLorraine

Bienvenida, Welcome to our desert New Mexico home

In June, 2016, my husband and Ed and I decided to return to our Southwestern home. We had spent three years in Southwest Florida living in our waterfront home. Ed was homesick and longed to be in the desert again.

So, we packed our bags, circled the wagons and it was westward ho for us. It was a five day adventure as we crossed the country. Two thousand miles, in fact.

We decided that we didn’t want to live in our New Mexico house the way it was. We wanted change. Interior design is a passion for Ed and me. So we set out to change each room, one-by-one.

This blog features the colors and culture of the southwest. And how we incorporated them into the design of our dining room.

I hope you enjoy a tour of our New Mexico dining room.

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January 30th, 2017
by KLorraine

I’ve noticed a few blogs that weren’t so nice. They were about President Trump’s son, Barron. Spog would like Barron to be his friend. Spog would like to share his book with Barron.

The book ‘Spog Tames a Bully’, would explain to him that bullying is an aggressive behavior among school aged children. Bullying is when a child is humiliated, or tormented (bullied).

Kids who bully use their power— such as the power of physical strength, or access to embarrassing information, or using popularity to control or harm others. Bullying behaviors have the potential to happen more than once.

Bullying might include: Threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone in a physical way or verbal way. It might also exclude someone from a group on purpose.

Bullying can occur during or after school hours. Most reported bullying happens in places like on the playground or the bus, and sometimes in the lunchroom.

I thought this is a good time to post a blog about Spog the Alien boy.

It was in 2013 that the first Spog book came out. Spog borrowed his mother’s spaceship and came to earth. He ran out of gas and tried to land his spacecraft in a yard. But, he had an unfortunate accident and crashed it in the branches of a tree. This is when he met Joe, an earth boy. And their adventures began.

The boys have had seven adventures since 2013. The stories are available to buy through the K. Lorraine website. You will also find some cost saving coupons.

Adventure number seven is the subject for this blog.

‘Spog Tames a Bully’, is about a bully who ruled the school’s playground. Mean Spike was his name. And his favorite thing to do, was to trip kids. He would laugh when they got hurt. He also liked to take things that they were playing with. He called it– ‘keep away.’

Mean Spike also got pleasure in teasing the kids and called them names. He spread rumors and lied about what happened on the playground.

Spog wanted to help the children of Roswell Elementary School. Spog talked to Joe about ways to help the new kid, Spike, fit in at school.

On Spog’s native planet Apple, he learned about a way to change an unsavory character. He thought the plan might work well on earth too. With the help of Professor Al Right, the children initiated a way to show the boy that kids have feelings too.

The book will help children to become inclusive toward a kid who is not so likeable. You will find out how the bullying stopped at Roswell Elementary School. And find out what ‘Mean Spike’ changed his name to when he changed his behavior.

Spog invites you to read his book, ‘Spog Tames a Bully‘.

Spog and Author, K. Lorraine sends you a BIG hug and a thank you for reading this week’s blog.

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Date Night–Senior Citizen Style

January 23rd, 2017
by KLorraine

Date Night Senior Citizen Style
Walter & Katy Shuster are at it again…
By author, K. Lorraine
Copyright © 2013 by K. Lorraine Books

Wednesday night this past week was date night for my husband, Ed and me. Romance for us has become closeness. And that’s a nice thing to reflect upon.

Ed and I have been together twenty-five years. A second go-round for both. We married in 1992. Our five children are grown and have lives of their own. We live in the southwest, and our kids are still living and working in ‘cold country’.
Retirement is different for everyone. You make it what you want it to be. My husband wants to spend most of his day wearing his robe. He sits in his recliner and reads. He likes to putter and tinker with restoration projects. He likes to use his creative mind landscaping our yard.

I prefer to get dressed and start my day with a writing a blog or continuing adding a chapter to a book.

Yes, I consider myself an author. I’ve been at it full-time since 2011. My first published book was a science fiction love story. Next Generation: Love in Silence. It wasn’t a best seller (about 500 copies sold), but it was the book that got my feet wet as a writer. I’ve written many books since, in various genres. You ask, what does this have to do with senior dating?

Not much, other than our life gets into a rut pretty fast for Ed and me. We aren’t into body building. We aren’t into sports. But, what we do together counts. So, we make a point to have three meals together each day. We make a point to go to church together. And we love shopping in thrift stores and antique shops.We try to schedule a weekly date night. Sometimes we have a romantic dinner at home. Sometimes we have friends over for a meal and conversation. Sometimes we just watch TV together. This past Wednesday ended on a different note than we expected.

Katy wrote the following blog through her life as a Golden Girl.

Walter & Katy Shuster are a fictitious couple. Walter & Katy Shuster live in Southwest Florida. The land of pink flamingos and retirees. The following blog is a depiction of a date night for the not-so-typical retired couple.

The morning started with breakfast. The weather was nice… sunshine and warm air temperature. Walter watched TV. You see, he’s a staunch Trump supporter who’s into the Trump confirmation hearings. On-the-other hand, I spent a few hours playing internet games.

I had a doctor’s appointment with my cardiologist later in the afternoon. So we had an early lunch and I started to get ready. The appointment was at three o’clock. Walter suggested we go out to dinner afterward for date night. That was fine with me. The phone rang just as we were going out the door. It was the doctor’s office needing to reschedule my appointment.

So, the question was to go or stay home. My answer was… I’m dolled up, so I’m up for a steak dinner.

There wasn’t any turning back. The afternoon was right out of a Seinfeld episode. Early bird dinner at a steak house.

Home before dark. And Walter was back in his robe watching the news channel.

I was back pounding the computer keyboard, playing more games. I was in bed watching Law and Order SVU at eight. Only because my normal TV program, Code Black, was pre-empted by a music award program. And like every night, Walter and I watched the ten o’clock news together in bed.

As Walter climbed into bed, he said, “Nice date night, huh, Katy?”

I answered, “Not bad Walter.”

“See you next Wednesday, Katy”?

“It’s a date Walter. How about a Mexican cuisine next time”?

“Sounds good. You know much I like a fart-fest”…

“Good-night Katy”.

That’s life. You’ve got to love this man, and I love my life.

                                                            Thank you for reading my this week’s blog. Written by K. Lorraine

Coming Soon
The Misadventures of Walter and Katy Shuster
Book Two
The Traveling Dingleberries
Be sure to look for the Kindle E-book to release in April, 2017

Sneak preview…
The red HHR hovercraft was loaded with our gear. We arrived at the Roswell spaceport and the Commander donned his space suit for the gravitational sojourn.

“Dear,” said K. Lorraine, “My spacesuit has gotten a little snug around my waist. And I think it makes me look like a silver foil wrapped sausage.”

The Commander did his best to smooth his wife’s ruffled feathers like the good husband he was. And then he reminded Punken that everyone was wearing the same spacesuit. “I promise that no one will recognize you. You are still the Prima Donna in my life”.




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Frida Kohl was a Mexican Painter Known for her Self-Portraits

January 16th, 2017
by KLorraine

Frida Kohl was a Mexican painter known for her self-portraits.

Kohl’s life began and ended in Mexico City, in her home, which was known as “La Casa Azul,” the Blue House. But according to the official birth registry, the birth took place at a nearby home. It was the home of her maternal grandmother.

She was Born Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón. She was born on July 6, 1907 in Mexico City, Mexico, a village on the outskirts of Mexico City. Frida died July 13, 1954 (aged 47) in Coyocacan, Mexico City, Mexico.
Mexican culture and tradition are important in her work. Her work is characterized as naïve art or folk art. Kahlo suggested,  “I paint myself because I am so often alone and because I am the subject I know best.”

Kahlo later described the atmosphere in her childhood home as often “Sad”. She contracted polio when she was six. Frida Kahlo also enjoyed art. She received drawing instruction from her father’s friend, and filled notebooks with sketches.

Frida suffered severe injuries in a school bus crash. She was in isolation for many months. To occupy herself during her recovery, she continued to paint. She now painted in bed. Above the small easel, was a mirror, so she could paint herself.

Frida wore traditional Mexican peasant clothing of long, colorful skirts to emphasize her heritage. Her ensemble included elaborate headdresses and massive jewelry.

She moved to San Francisco in the early 1930’s. The six months spent in San Francisco were a productive period for Kahlo. She furthered her Folk Art style. Besides painting several friends, she also painted ‘Frida and Diego Rivera,’ a double portrait based on their marriage.

The years 1937 and 1938 were a productive time. And she painted more than she had done in all her eight previous years. She insisted, “I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality.”

Her most famous works were, ‘The Two Fridas’ (1939). The paintings show two versions of the artist sitting side by side, with both of their hearts exposed. One Frida is dressed nearly all in white and has a damaged heart and spots of blood on her clothing. The other wears bold colored clothing and has an intact heart. These figures are believed to represent “unloved” and “loved” versions of Kahlo.

Kahlo died on July 13 at her beloved Blue House. There has been some speculation regarding the nature of her death. It was reported to be caused by a pulmonary embolism, but there have also been stories about a possible suicide.

In the Catholic tradition, at baptism, a child has two first names. She preferred to spell her name “Frieda” until the late 1930s, when she dropped the ‘e’. Painter Frida Kahlo was a Mexican self-portrait artist who married Diego Rivera.

Since her death, Kahlo’s fame as an artist has only grown. Her beloved Blue House was opened as a museum in 1958. Frida has attracted popular interest. “Fridamania” describes the phenomenon. The art world considers her “one of the most recognizable artists”. She is still admired as a feminist icon.

I traveled to San Francisco in the late 1980’s.  It was there, that I bought a doll. She had oriental features. I used this doll in a still life that I did several years later. It was a few weeks ago that I was gifted a picture from an artist friend.
She had started a portrait of Frida. She wanted to portray her as an Asian woman. But, she didn’t like it. My friend used colored markers as the medium. I liked what she started and accepted the unfinished picture.

I was confident that I could redo the picture. I’m not a student of Folk Art, but I do like it. The unfinished picture gave me shivers down my spine, but I didn’t know why. And then, it dawned on me. The picture reminded me of my Asian doll still life.

So, I dug my rendering out of my computer file, and I put the two side-by-side. I didn’t have any colored markers, but I had acrylic paints. I did what my heart instructed me to do. I finished the gift my friend had given me.

 My jaw almost dropped to the floor!

I have always been drawn to my friend’s art work. We have a kinship with our love for painting. I also think that Frida herself, links our connection to Folk Art.

What do you think?

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Blog about Me—Building my Brand and Taking the path to my Destiny

January 9th, 2017
by KLorraine

Blog about me… Building my Brand and taking the path to my destiny

K. Lorraine, you have a magnetic personality which is hard to resist. And that also sometimes makes people envious of you. You have amazing and wonderful qualities that make you one of a kind. Generosity is your most valuable talent as well as a sign of your character’s strength.

You have a lot to offer people through your generosity and forgiveness. You see hope in the world! You embody true courage! That’s why you deserve a special name. In the new year, your nickname, ‘Savior’, will give you much strength. It summarizes your personality and reveals your true character!

K. Lorraine, White is the color of divinity, innocence, purity and perfection. You are open-minded and kind-hearted. Deep down inside, you’ve got a kind soul, and it shines brightly in this color. That’s why your aura represents your best qualities. Everyone loves to be around you because your soul shines in a nice White shade, and always puts you in a good mood.

2017 is a year of blessings, K. Lorraine. The new year has many gifts, adventures, and true love in store for you! You can look forward to the best year of your life!

K. Lorraine, you learned a lot in 2016, and you are starting the new year with a lot of energy. You have had some periods of luck and happiness on your journey. But SOMETHING MAY WELL BE PREVENTING YOU FROM TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THAT LUCK.

There have been OPPORTUNITIES FOR GAINS THAT WERE WITHIN YOUR GRASP on many occasions. Perhaps it seems like an invisible hand prevented you from enjoying your potential success.

As things stand now, you take each day as it comes, without knowing what will happen to you tomorrow. Because of a lack of self-confidence, you may make decisions that will contain serious consequences. You may be thinking that this is all your fault. Well, that is not exactly the case!

But, 2017 will be the year in which all your wishes will come true. Practical, stable, dependable and determined — you are the steadying influence on everyone around you.

Reliability is the name of the game for you. Your determination and steadfastness gives you the ability to put ideas into form. You are a born builder! Security is important to you. And others look to you to manage, control, and make sure that everything falls into place. You will succeed in all work, because of your good management skills. Your hard work and practicality will provide you with the rewards you seek and deserve.

Love – Emotions

Love plays an important role in your life. You engage yourself with fervor, wisdom and gratitude. You do a lot to deserve your happiness.

Social Life

You have enough personality and magnetism to do without any superior authority. Have faith in yourself, in your ideas and your initiatives. Hold your head high and persevere. You will move forward without problems, even in the most delicate or hazardous of times.


You have the potential for incredible things, which you received at birth. The new year should turn out to be positive for you. But you may feel that you have generally been lacking in luck in many important areas of your life. Isn’t that so?

Your golden number is 6, your lucky number par excellence. Use the number 6 as often as you can. For example, when you set up an important meeting, insist on the 6th day of the month. Or 6 o’clock in the afternoon; when you take a train. Get in the 6th car. Use it whenever you play games etc. And, be sure to use the number 16, for happiness, and to combat misfortune. Luck will do many things for you, and your intuition will do the rest.

You have everything you need to succeed. It’s possible a few unfortunate circumstances affected you. They forced you to make the wrong decisions. But, in the new year, LUCK will reward you.

You have a right to happiness. The TRANSIT PERIOD THAT IS FAST APPROACHING is unique. There are so many factors that will come into play. Once in a rare while, one will enter into a MAZE UNLIKE ANY OTHER.

You will find the secret key to this maze is in the meaning of each Transit Period. In fact, this is a time when most people find a source of plenty that puts them back on their feet. Making it to the end of the maze is rare and difficult to do. But there are those few handful of people who do reach the end. They find themselves LIVING THE LIFE THEY’VE ALWAYS DREAMED OF. They’ve realized their Ultimate Destiny, and you can take the path to your destiny too.

I plan to follow this advice and see where it takes me in my writing career. The goal that I look for is more LIKES for my blogs. More foot traffic to my website. I’d like to reach 10,000 people reading my posts by December 31, 2017. I’m at 8,613 now. This is a due-able goal. In fact, I should be able to surpass ten thousand before the end of the year.

Thank you for reading my blog, and don’t forget to LIKE it. Remember, stay on the positive side of life, and help me reach my 2017 goals. Good luck with reaching yours too.

Happy Reading, K. Lorraine

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